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Is this guy for real?? (merged)


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Apr 30, 2002
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Is this guy for real??

I had never heard of pro football talk, and now I know why. I have a feeling these guys just make it up as they go.


He previews the AFC East, and has us at 10-6 and 2nd , I have no problem with it , but... I'll let you read and see if you can find any mistakes:D

:monkey: Pro Football Talk
Ricky Williams and Jay Fiedler are two bigger "ifs" than Cowart, Webster, two new corners, big holes in the o-line, Santana Moss, VT, or Chad Pennington?

HA! Whatever!

He's definitely a Jets fan. He calls the Fins being blind about Ricky, then what is he being with Cowart and Webster?

Did anyone see that corn-ball magazine that Athlon puts out. I stopped buying them two years ago. My friend had it over the weekend and their prediction for the AFC Championship is Cleveland vs Indianapolis!!!! BAWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH! :lol:

At least they did have Miami winning the AFC East, but c'mon; those are the two they think will be in AFC Championship. :lol:
"as only the subtraction of Brock Marion will hurt them"

This guy doesn't know anything and he gets pay to write garbage...
"Maybe the 2nd season for Chris Chambers and James McKnight in the same system will be a boost....".

Same system?? This guy doesn't know that we got NORV TURNER, whom MIKE MARTZ says was an even bigger aquisition than Ricky Williams.

I also like the part about "Jay Fiedler is not a playmaker". Apparently he only watched Fiedler in 2000. This guy's has no freaking clue what's going on.

Also, he forgot to mention that the Jets lost their offensive line coach to the Bucs. This dude is only looking at the talent on the field. And he can't even do that right.
This is the same guy who's own radio partner ripped him in an interview on

When your own partner is ripping you in interviews, you know you must be bad.
OMG, that's hilarious. If you can track that down, the board would love it!!
as only the subtraction of Brock Marion will hurt them...

Already put his foot in his mouth...:D

2nd season for Chris Chambers and James McKnight in the same system will be a boost, but I come back to Fiedler. Nice guy, great story, but is he a winner?

Well...Norv is bringing a new they are both starting in a new system. And as for Jay...36 TD and 36 INT are kinda valid #'s for this guy to bring up...BUT the important #s are 22-10 as a starter. It's all about the Ws..:evil: :evil: :evil:

All in all...I'd say this guy ain't the sharpest crayon in the box. And who cares what all these "experts" think? We will do our talking when the season starts:D
j-e-t-s suck, suck, suck.....................

right now, thousands of jet schmuks are scrambling to e-mail there buddies with this "in depth" article. :D they will all be reading it over and over like it's the dead sea scrolls, coveting every word as golden truths. they will be raving about how informative and knowledgable this clown is and pro football talk will be there point source of info for years to come. looks like the blind leading the blind. ya just gotta laugh..................

:monkey: on the jets!!


it's funny cause another writer put the Jets in last place just a few days ago...oh wait, that was me. I guess that doesn't really count huh?

Is anyone going to e mail this joker and correct his errors, and then tell him he has no business writing if he can't AT LEAST get the facts straight?

Come on, who wants the job?
I am really insulted that he would say Brock wasn't resigned. In case you all can't tell, I'm a big fan of Brock, so this is a freaking outrage. I'd love to hear how the Jets have more talent on the defensive side of the ball than the 'Fins do.
Here is that quote from the PhinZone interview:

"Jason Smith is a good friend of mine and my partner on
Fox Sports Radio, everytime a Jet player goes to the bathroom Jason
gives me a full report. I just don't believe that the "Losing Bets"
can win with an old QB and shaky secondary and defensive line play."

You can read the whole interview here
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cool avatar 87!!! now that's what this game is all about! i see you already started the brainwashing process!:D
at least he did not say that RW w/b competing ag. Lamar for the #1 job or that the Dolpin's S combo of Scott and Anderson may be past their prime ;)
Originally posted by dirtywhiteboy
cool avatar 87!!! now that's what this game is all about! i see you already started the brainwashing process!:D
my son got his Fin sheets and comforter for his 1st birthday, could only find generic "our #1 draft pick" cards for birth announcement, would have liked Aqua and Orange version :D
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