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Isn't Saturday football sweet?


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Nov 19, 2001
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I love it this time of year, when the NFL does a few games on Saturday. This way I get my football fix all weekend long, heh! Hey, next week's game against the Pats is on Saturday! Come to think of it, that's my 18th birthday too! NOW there is a birthday present, a Dolphins win to seal the AFC East! :D

:monkey: San Fran, you're NEXT!
it ain't too cool............

when there is a game on and you have to work on saturday. its not even overtime either. if we want the monday before christmas off with pay we have to work today! :mad:
I'm watching the Giants beat the Cards to get my football fix :p BUT anxiously awaiting the ass beating the Raiders are going to get later today!! :evil: Even Howie on FOX was busting their chops! :lol:

Hope we beat the Pats for your Birthday!! :D
Damn, that Giants/Cardinals game was BORING!!!!! I wanted the Cardinals to win, but it didnt happen.:(
I have to agree with you Ice. That game was dull and neither team deserved to win. What was Gramatica thinking?? :confused: They could have beat the the Giants with more FGs. I did pick the Giants to win so, I am happy for that :D

Gramatica got what he deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so happy to see Gramatica hyper-extend his knee(?) when he was jumping like a stupid monkey after his 43 yd field goal. I laughed my azz off. I can see if you hit a 65 yarder to win in overtime and then go bananas.......but it was 3-0 in the 1st QTR.....gimme a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But my are so was beautiful to flip on the T.V. and see pro football on a Saturday. Our real fix is tomorrow....oh ...about 21 hrs. frm't wait...........THIS GAME IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COME ON MIAMI!!!!!!!!!
Both Gramatica brothers have been doing their "celebration" thing since college. It is their trademark, and I don't think there is anything wrong with it. I wish he didn't get injured, because if he was healthy, they probably would have beaten the Giants.
you again

well, call me a bad guy but.......I'm glad he got hurt....that made an otherwise boring game quite comical...........his celebrations are more intense than his brother and his kicking a field goal is his JOB. Do it shut up then sit down.....then do it again....I hope his brother does the same thing
Football on any day is sweet, but it's cool they're playing on Saturday cause I can't watch the Canes anymore till Jan.:(

As for Gramatica, I can't stand it when those little bitches go crazy kicking an extra point. Then the Bucs Gramatica gets in somebody on the other teams face and talks **** when he does it. Somebody's gonna pound him into the ground like a tent stake. I just hope it's on TV:lol:. Don't get me wrong, nothing against the Bucs or anything. Yeah I laughed my ass off when that dumbass hurt his leg jumpin up and down. Of course, everybody gets excited when they score points, but when you hurt yourself doing it, then it's time to chill.:cool:
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