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It Looks Like Todd Perry's Days...


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Jan 27, 2002
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It is abundantly clear that the Dolphins have targeted both C TIM RUDDY as well as G TODD PERRY as two guys that they would not mind upgrading at their respective positions. The whole theme for WANN-SPIEL is to get tougher up front...and with the hot pursuits of both OLIN KREUTZ and LEON SEARCY...the messege should be loud and clear to both of these players.
You kind of get the feeling that the Dolphins expected a whole lot more when the signed away PERRY from the Bears last season. They may not come out and say it...but they probably just feel that PERRY is just not the type of rough and tough guard they expected him to be.
As for RUDDY....the DOlphins know what RUDDY has given them over the years. RUDDY is a very solid...but unspectacular center...just not a PRO BOWL type like KRUETZ. RUDDY is getting up their in KREUTZ is only 24.. The team likes RUDDY...but knows his limitations. But you do get the feeling that if the Dolphins are unable to sign up OLIN...then they would be Ok with RUDDY for at least another season.
You don't really get that kind of feeling when it comes to TODD PERRY. JAMIE NAILS is now in for yet another challenge..and then there is the talk of ANDY VINCENT..and upcoming guys who may challenge. And we haven't even talked about the draft...or the possibility of adding a nice leader like LEON SEARCY.
It is my opinion...but I think the Dolphins are really second-guessing themselves with the signing of TODD PERRY last season....and I believe its only a matter of time...until he is given his unconditional release.

...considering that Dixon's health is in question and Perry played left guard well enough in Chicago that Dave wanted him in Miami, I wouldn't write him off, just yet.

My opinion is that we got burned by injuries to the O-line last year, and Dave and Rick intend to stock up. I would not be surprised to see Searcy, Perry, and Dixon dressed as Dolphins on opening day.

I'm more of a believer in Smith and Spriggs than some folks around here seem to be. If we can get Searcy and Kruetz, I'm actually going to be skipping around the house with glee in anticipation of a truly dominant O-line.

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Originally posted by JeffJewell
.I would not be surprised to see Searcy, Perry, and Dixon dressed as Dolphins on opening day.
not sure that will be possible if we sign Kreutz because of the cap, but if it is I'll feel a lot better :D

...but I'm afraid we should start getting used to the idea that OK is not going to be a Dolphin.

I'm still pulling for a change of heart on his part, but all indications are that he's not going to leave da Bears.

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