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It takes a village to build a football team


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Apr 6, 2012
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First off this isn't a blame the fans thread, it's more of an inspirational one.

Surely some of you recall when Dan Fouts uttered the phrase in the title yesterday. Upon hearing it I immediately started to think about the deeper meaning behind those words. On the surface one could easily associate it with being some kind of rallying cry for tax payers to fit the bill for a new stadium or something. But when you go back to the original expression which Fouts borrowed from, "It takes a village to raise a child", suddenly the saying makes more sense and correlates directly to our current, and very much troubled plight.

Yes we have problems. Problems that seem unfixable. Problems that have worn out their welcome for way too long and have persisted for even longer.

Yet here you are still standing. Standing amongst a community that may not share the same opinions as you. A community that may not take a loss as hard as you. Hell, a community that might not even like you or rather not like your post history and won't hesitate to tell you why. But guess what, you still matter. In the grand scheme of things you matter because you have a voice. Whether you choose to be negative or positive with that voice is neither here nor there. What's truly important is that you understand you have the power to change things. Assuming we all want a change for the better it's significant to note that you must take pride in doing your part to the absolute fullest as if you were the single most critical factor in determining if the Miami Dolphins as a franchise is successful or not.

That doesn't mean having to attend all the games or needing to buy $1,000,000 worth of merchandise. It simply means caring for this organization as if it were your child. If all of us had this mindset it could do wonders. I know, it sounds cliche, and with the real world problems each and every one of us face each and every day it can definitely seem like a waste of time to put any effort into such a mediocre product. However in times like these we must remember we're the lifeblood of this team. We control our own destiny. Our energy is way too strong for us to be held down for much longer. We will get through this, together.

At this point crying over spilled milk will do us no good. We must remain confident that things will work out for the best. Because at the end of the day all we have is the concept of a better tomorrow. Moving forward and not letting despair get the best of us is pivotal. Of course it's easy to mistake being hopeful for being a homer, but don't get it twisted, it's more about merely being honest about the future. Things can't stay like this forever. Yes here in the present it hurts bad but history is bound to repeat itself. And no I'm not talking about our recent misfortune. I'm speaking of the glory days. Without a shadow of a doubt we will be there again. Trust in the fact that your contribution, whatever that may be, will make it so.

You have to believe, always.

Unfortunately, it seems every village needs an idiot. Even more unfortunately, I'm pretty sure this village's idiot happens to own the village.
So basically no matter what just care? Accept mediocrity, just care! Ever stop and think the reason fans are so oissed is that WE DO CARE?!?!
Fans are fans no matter what. The danger is apathy from the fans which, as for myself, have started to sink into about this team in the NFL in general. I used to eat it up and watch all the games. Now, I watch the Dolphins and that's basically it. It's very tiresome watching the same things happen year after year after year.
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