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It was ugly but Miami wins!


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Sep 29, 2001
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Wow the game against BC was very ugly but Miami held on to win 18-7. Dorsey was pathetic and had 4 int.
Every undefeated national champion has one or two games like this. Remember Tenn and Ark? Good win for them. They needed expirence in close games with SU and Washington comming up. Was that interference on that last pick? I know the DB has a right to the ball, but it looked like he ran thru the WR. You can't do that. Oh well, it's in the books now. Crongrats Canes.
Should be interesting to see what the BCS voters think of the Canes this week :rolleyes: How about this...NCST is tied with FSU 14-14 in the 2nd quarter :eek: :eek: What is this...Everyone knock off the good teams week??:rolleyes:
The only thing Miami can do now is win games, if their previous opponents lose games... its out of our hands.

BTW, that was way too close for me. However, the Canes can expect me and another 20 or so family and friends goin to the Syracuse and Washington games. Gonna raise H*LL in the OB!!!

:cool: :D

:monkey: BCS - should be called the BS Standings :lol:
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