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it's official right at 4:05 53 DOLPHINS


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Aug 30, 2002
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Are coming your way shortly......... sorry i couldn't resist...

Can't wait to see this new offense. I like what i have seen in preseason. Love the use of the full backs and tight ends. can you say play action baby ...

how can we not go better then 11-5. the defense is basically the same and the offense is one of the top 8 in the NFL in my opinion......

we were like 23rd last year. we stunk compared to what weapons and play calling are available now and feidler can play smarter and we can chew more clock because or NORV.........

we will blow out the lions and the early Jet game is GIGANTIC!!

i am more concerned about 2 JET games then any other. Brady is just not that good. we beat them once and the second game we were all beat up and injured like every year.....we can't go deep because we are not strong at the end of the year.

Our defense is built on speed not size and power. they get worn out at seasons end. don't be surprised if the dolphins keep 9 defensive lineman for that very reason.
we must get a first round bye this year and it is possible.....

go phins ..................:monkey:
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