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Jamar Fletcher - sort of


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Sep 4, 2001
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49ers | Looking at the Draft - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)
13:32 PT: Matt Maiocco, of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, reports the San Francisco 49ers enter this weekend's NFL Draft with experienced starters at all 22 positions. GM Terry Donahue said the team is looking to improve on their depth this year. The only glaring need is a third cornerback and the team will give a hard look to drafting one with their No. 27 pick in the first-round. If the 49ers don't take a corner, they could go the route of taking the best available player. The 49ers have 9 picks in the draft this weekend.

sound familiar ?

Is Rashad Bauman the 2002 Fletcher or what ?
I'd take Bauman over Craver easily. It would be a toss up as to whether or not I'd take him over Rumph, I think Rumph would be better at S. He isn't the most fluid athlete when turning. It would depend on what system you were in. Cover 2(Bucs/Jets) I'd go for Rumph, but if it was our old bump-n-run man-to-man all day long I'd take Bauman.

Bauman is like a glove. Height is the only thing holding him back from being a more talked about prospect.
Bauman isn't quite as good as Jamar was in college. Last year, Jamar was my #2 rated CB in the draft. Only Fred Smoot was rated higher. Clements, Middlebrooks, and Allen were great athletes, but none was in Jamar's and Fred's class as cover guys.

Bauman is a good cover corner though and would be a bargain for some team in the third round.

I think Mike Rumph will be better than most think.
Craver sucks. I don't know why he gets all this mention. Every time I've seen him, he gets burnt. And he didn't perform well during the Senior Bowl practices.
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
They would take Craver or Rumph over this guy anyday.
I meant the FO got so much grief over drafting a 3rd CB in 2001 and he is SF saying they may do the same in about the same slot. :)
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