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JaMarcus Russell: End of an Era

Al Davis was pissed he didn't take Matt Leinart, everyone told him to take Huff. And when he had a chance to get a QB the next draft, he was comparing Russell to John Elway. lol It would be kind of funny if Matt Leinart has a great year this upcoming season.
As I always remind my Raider fan brothers, they shoulda got Calvin Johnson.
Ryan Leaf says thanks to JaMarcus.....
no coaches to teach him in oakland, not all his fault
I've been more successful projecting high pick QBs to flop than identifying which ones will succeed. The Russell hype never made any sense to me.

He was also a reject based on that QB system that has been publicized in recent years, requiring a certain number of starts and wins and to be a senior, etc. Someone posted that's a beginner system. It's actually just the opposite of that. No one starts out with mathematical or criteria based systems. Everyone wants to believe they can dominate the consensus with superior subjective judgment. The systems arrive when you spot logical trends that dominate conventional wisdom. They are a strength, not a weakness.
He doesn't care...he got a huge contract and has all that money in his pockets
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