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Sep 3, 2001
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Man, I'm personally glad we have him starting for us. Our O-Line looked really good (180+ yards rushing, 0 sacks) and I think it had a lot to do with Jamie Nails being out there. He really has some fire on pass blocking, as we saw with the Ricky 37 yarder, and is good enough to pass block to let Fiedler not get killed.

Thanks Buffalo :)
Jamie Nails

Hopefully he keeps improving as he was really pushed around by the Saints defensive line in pre season.
Wanny was really impressed with Nails this offseason... he put on some good weight... perhaps Wanny knew what he was doing when he signed him to a two year contract. Detroit's D-line isnt all that impressive, but the stats are still phenomenal. We will see how he does defending Larry Triplett. Anyone know how this rookie is looking so far?
Originally posted by EddieIrvine13
Wanny was really impressed with Nails this offseason... he put on some good weight...

Huh,..I think he lost a lot of weight..we cut him last year because he was too big....but I agree with you..wanny seem like a genius to sign him for 2 years...if he keeps his weight off and stays dedicated..I wouldn't mind signing him to a long contract..But not with a big signing bonus...wouldn't want him to eat it up:lol:
My inclinations for Jamie Nails are, keep him longterm for however long Norv Turner is in town. Once Norv is gone though, I get this aweful feeling that Nails is gonna go back to looking like a fat mauler who gets his @ss handed to him by passrushing DTs.

I wish Norv would stay here for a while. He's got no inclination toward the college game and thats good. Detroit will be lookin for a Head Coach...so will Seattle. Think Norv made a heck of an impression on the Detroit front office folks? No offense to Norv but he wasn't a very good head coach in Washington. Kinda like how Ray Rhodes wasn't a good head coach, not like how Bill Belichick wasn't a good head coach. Obviously Belichick was able to turn that around. But like Rhodes' teams, Norv's Washington teams were complacent and undisciplined. He had talent...plenty of it. Unlike Dave Wannstedt who when push came to shove in Chicago, just did not have the horses to run. I really really really hope that nobody is going to give Norv a second chance. I'm very greedy.
Yeah, Norv is a good O-coordinator and will get looks but there are a lot of good young coaches out there just looking for an oppurtunity to coach in this league who will be cheaper than Norv.

I think Norv stays unless we go to SB.
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