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Jason Cambell similar to Akili Smith


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One thing that worries me about Cambell is the fact he has really only had one good year in college much like Akili Smith. Both came out of college with all the potential in the world because they were big athletic QBs that had amazing arms.

I dont know it also strikes me that when playing a team like Auburn the last thing on any opponents defensive coordinators mind was stopping the pass. They were more concerned with stopping #23 and #24.

He may very well turn into a great QB but I certainly dont think he is worth a 1st round pick.
He'll be a bust.

I'm from Alabama and i've watched most of the games he's played. Campbell sucks.
the factt hat he was able to grow with 4 different offensive coordinators says a lot of about his mental toughness. One thing Akili was missing is mental toughness. He will be better than Akili Smith. Doesn't say all that much, but that I guerentee you
Cheapshotz said:
He'll be a bust.

I'm from Alabama and i've watched most of the games he's played. Campbell sucks.
I haven't watched him enough to know first-hand, but my guts tell me he'll be a bust. He seems to be a bit of the flavour of the day, product of the hype.
Actually he is more like Kyle Boller, a guy who was really inconsistent in his first 3 years who has a big senior season and becomes a hot prospect. Akili really didn't have much of a college resume at all other than that one year as he was JC transfer. I'm not convinced on Campbell because of yeah you really would want a better history of great success than one year.
The ESPN analyst are all raving about his 70% completion percentage last year. I guess they forgot to point out 90% of those were dump off passes to Ronnie and Caddy.

I'm surprised Merril Hodge didn't go off on Campbell like he did Rodgers.
He still had 20 TDs and 7 INTs. Seems good for NFL but for college football where you are just basically keeping defenses honest against the run I am not sure that is so good.
Actually just 29% of his passes went to Brown and Williams. Campbell has had to go through 4 different OC's. His progress this year was what made Auburn go undefeated this year, not what Brown or Williams did. People tried to knock his accuracy, and failed to note his lowest completion percentage was still over 60%. He has a strong arm, is very athletic, and is mentally tough. He'll develop in a system the next year or two and be a starter for probably Green Bay when Favre leaves.
I see the comparison a little bit. I used the word tunnelvision to describe Akili Smith at the time and it's the same term I apply to Jason Campbell. Campbell makes quicker decisions and has somewhat better touch, although not ideal. Last night I watched Jaworski break down the top 3 QBs and he is high on Campbell, rating him ahead of Rodgers.
Campbell is a caretaker QB. He can hit the dump off passes and his 1st read. After that he's nothing. Don't ask him to carry the team or scan the field for more than 1 receiver because he can't do it.

He's not a good prospect. He's just a good physical specimen.
He single-handedly won the LSU and Alabama games for Auburn last year. He's a winner.
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