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Jay RB's and The Fins in 2002


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Sep 3, 2001
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I haven't posted much on this board lately because every time I say something positive about Jay, someone else bashes him. Here are some facts people need to realize 1. Jay is getting better and better, and this is the most important thing for the Dolphins. HE IS a good quarterback, and has the ability to be great. Sure he isn't Favre, Warner, Culpepper, or Manning, but all those QB's don't have WR's that get hit in the damn head from a perfect throw from their QB and turn it into a INT instead of a TD or a first and goal, like Mcknight did yesterday. He will be our QB for another couple of years unless a Gem arrives in our lap like Chris Chambers did. I think we should keep Jay Fiedler. I will say this now, so hold this to me next year, I think Jay can make the Pro Bowl. I'll admit that Jay has done some stupid things in the beginning of the year, but he has also done some great things that not many other QBs can do also. Remeber Favre when he started in Atlanta?? Our Rich Gannon?? All of the talk about Jay aside, I think the main issue here, is injuries. Every year we get beat in the Playoffs, and I think alot has to do with injuries. Losing 3 starting Offensive lineman(Dixon and Ruddy, Smith), no Derrick Rodgers, Zach playing hurt, JT playing hurt, no Daryl Gardner, no Chris Chambers, a hurt Oronde Gadsden. That would cut your chances by 50%. Would we have won that game having all those players healthy?? I think we would, and you all would agree. We have to keep our people healthy. Something we have not done the past 3-4 years in the playoffs.

RB is an issue of course like always, Ricky Watters is a good choise, and I like what people think about Trung Canidate on our team, but it won't happen, because the Rams our going to want some Comp for him, because they took him in the first round. I kind of like Pittman, but he is another trouble maker that I don't want on our team. We will find somebody.

WR I still think is a major issue, McKnight can't catch a cold, or hold on to the ball, yeah He is damn fast, but so is Desmond Howard. I really think we should look at Cris Carter, he would be a perfect addition for our team and he would teach Chris Chambers a thing or 2, not that Chris needs too much help, but he would help him see things he doesn't see yet.

This is getting long, but it is something to ponder.

So I see Im not alone in thinking Jay Fiedler has the makings to be a good QB with an O Line and Patience.. He has shown several times in this season signs of being a good if not great QB. Remember the Oakland game? How many QBs in the NFL would have had the balls to make that call late in the game to go for a QB sneak with under 10 seconds left? Remember the Tennessee game? He looked spectacular.. I do agree some changes need to be made however.. Namesakely the O Line. I said it in May, losing Richmond Webb was death.
even though it was a loss...................

that was probably the second best game jay has played this year! don't worry dolphin13, there are more people that want jay, than you think!:D
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