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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
I just read in the MH that Jay was in an altercation on Monday night w/his step dad. His step dad pulled a gun on him and Jay wresleted him to the ground untill the police and FBI arrived. My heart goes out to Jay and his family, but this is not good for the fins. I hope he can somehow forget it, and concentaight on New England.
Yeah Jason tried to take a few mags from his dad's "stack" of dirty's and his step dad didn't like it.:rolleyes: I don't know, i'm just guessin from past experience.:lol:
yeah what do they have over there in the papers? I think they're called "Page 3 Girls" or something. Nudity is supposedly a lot more relaxed in your part of the world.:cool:
Good Taste, Bad Taste, Extremely horrible tase, you be the judge.
Yes we have page 3 girls in my part of the world...;)
Naked girls sell papers here.....what can I say except it is shocking....:rolleyes:
Hey, shocking sells papers. The #1 subscribed paper in the world is the National Enquirer because people wanna read and see dirt, not the truth and good stuff.:cool:
i have to agree with jaydog here!

the national enquirer always catches my eye, but i won't buy it just because of the headlines it writes!:p

that's called resistance. You know you wanna read it so check it out online instead!:cool: It's ok, the world wants to know dirt, that's why Jerry Springer is more popular than Oprah Winfrey. It's ok man!:cool:

won't check it out online either, never have read any national enquirer article. but if somebody wants to talk gossip, i'm all ears!:eek: :lol:
LOL, that's cool man, I can see where you where you wouldn't want to get "caught" reading gossip but want to know about it.:cool: If I "hear" of any I'll meet you at the fence!:lol:
well you know..........

a person can't walk around with their fingers in their ears, that would be rude! (besides i couldn't hear anything juicy):lol: :lol: :lol:
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