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Well, I sure as hell won't say to listen to that Bonnie Raitt song, "Something to talk about":lol: Just happen to be up all night, ha ha.:cool:
boy, if you want a topic...........

to talk about, you should hear the garbage i found out about #1 Jets Fan!:eek:
no, he's older than i thought.

he works for an outfit called ameritech, has nothing to do with the internet! as far as i can tell, he was a BS artist! :o
i talked to someone who had actually

talked to him on the phone! since he was tracked down, Jets Fan actually threatened this guys family! NO NAMES HERE! :goof:
Yeah that guy sounds like he's got nothing else to do but try and piss people off. If your world is that small, it's time to expand.:D
i think he was!

If your world is that small, it's time to expand.

its just when somebody starts talking about how much money they have in the bank................. its time to call that persons bluff. i may have done the wrong thing by deleting his posts, but we had to get rid of that sucker! :mad:
I can say that I'm totally against censorship, but in some cases such as this one, you just gotta tell the guy, "goodbye!" He was just going too far with it by not trying to prove it's ok to speak your mind but by just trying to piss people off. That's just a waste of time.:cool:
after talking to some of the people.......

i have talked to, i'm convinced this guy was/is a real sicko. his posts seemed very imature and he supposedly sounded the same on the phone! he must have been given the job by his daddy, he had a secretary answering the phone for him, but he didn't seem to brilliant, if ya know what i mean! :D
yeah, he didn't spell too brilliant either like he didn't have a 12th grade education. oh well, it takes all kinds right? Hey I'm off to bed. Have a good weekend man.:cool:
if you get a chance...................

go to the thread "this just in". has shula's and marino's statue's. i sent Miadphan13 a picture of me with the marino statue and she posted it! :goof:
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