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Jay's #'s


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Mar 3, 2002
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Jay has posted 23 TD's and 11 INT's for 2700 yards (including the baltimore game) in the last 13 games. 7 of those INT's came in 2 games. (3 against San fran last season and 4 against K.C).

I'm worried about Lucas going in there next week. Sure he looked good in preseason, but that's preseason. Pick up Ward in your fantasy pools people. Lucas and Ward will connect up a lot since they have played together for a long time.
I'm not sure Ward will play though much. He is strictly the slot receiver as proven last night when McKnight played every down. Ward isn't the type of receiver you can throw on the outside, he only plays on 3 WR sets.
Thats the easy observation...Dedric Ward. But personally, I don't think Ward will put up decent fantasy numbers even with Lucas in the game.

I am in a couple of leagues but I always lose interest after I'm done drafting. I LOVE drafting...hate waiting through the season. But if I were still active I would be paying extremely close attention to Chris Chambers' progress with his concussion, as well as James McKnight with his back to a much lesser degree.

If Chambers comes out against the Bills healthy, with Ray Lucas throwing the ball, Chris Chambers is going to post HUGE numbers while Jay is healing. You heard me right. I'm not saying Lucas is a better QB. But Lucas has an excellent arm and he loves to throw deep...and he WILL throw deep, even when the coaches don't necessarily want him to. Canon-armed QB + Chris Chambers' Speed = Big Numbers for Chambers. There's no doubt in my mind that one of the reasons Chambers is not posting big numbers is Jay Fiedler's inability and/or unwillingness to take well-placed deep shots down the sidelines.

BUT, things like that could cost us with Lucas because he could throw picks or if things don't go well down the field we might stall a lot. Luckily for us, we face a cream puff defense against the Bills, have a bye week, then face another set of bad defenses in the Packers and Jets.
Well I was just going by the preseason and how Ward got a tonne of passes when Lucas was in because they were so familiar with each other.
That's because Ward got a lot of playing time with the second offense. It is preseason ya know. He doesn't play every down like he did in preseason.
Was just going to point that out. When Ray Lucas came into the game during preseason, Oronde Gadsden and/or Chris Chambers were much more likely to be OUT of the game along with Fiedler. It doesn't mean that Lucas only looks for Ward, that would be stupid and the coaches would yell at him for it. It means that, when Ray was in the game, Dedric and McKnight were probably in a lot of the time.

Even so, during the preseason with Ray Lucas in there, I saw a lot of deep passes being thrown down the field to our WRs. With Chambers a fulltime starter and not rotating like we were through preseason, I expect that with Lucas under center Chris will put up some impressive numbers and get back on track for an 1100 yard season.
Um Jay missed a lot of playing time in the preseason also. Ray had lots of reps with the first team offense and yes Ward was his favorite target. Yeesh even the herald wrote an article about it.
actually, i dont know what to think of ray, so i cut jay:cry: and picked up harrington. he's a risk, but he has huge upside(then i'll snatch up jay again when healthy and deal harrington if he produces)
ps- as for miami's recieving core, not real valuable fanasty players here(even superman), except for mcmichael, who i scooped up after week 1(2nd most productive fantasy TE)...everybody is jealous of him:lol: :lol: :lol:
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