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Jests & Patriots


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Sep 3, 2001
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Who is gonna win???

Not who do we want to win, but who is goin to win.
Tough Call, man

Both teams are good at playing outside and in the cold. Brady has been awesome, but so has Curtis Martin. Seein as how it's in New York, and you're asking who I THINK will win and not who I WANT to win, I'd have to say the Jets. Hate to say it, 'cause I really hope the Pats win, we need it.:cool:
Unfortunately, I expect that the Jets' D, despite facing the best QB in the NFL from the U of Mich ;) :goof: ;) , will cause enough problems for the Pats O to win the game for Curtis Martin.

I would love to be wrong though. :)


Brady faces a Jets defense that has allowed a total of 28 points in winning its last four games.
The Jets are coming off a bye week, and will be rusty...err rested. Either Vinny comes out looking sharp, or he pulls his rusty game out, and the Pats kill em.

I go with the Pats, just cause
Who do I think will win? Jets
Who do I want to win? Pats

I don't really like either team but the Jets are sitting on top of the throne at the moment......season ended today, theyr'e division champs (ain't that something to make you gag!!!)

Who knows..Pats may prevail; Jets are due for a loss
I expect Tom Brady to work his magic & win the game. They have had some surprising wins this year & this one shouldnt. The Jets have had a bye week so their O will be a little rusty, & they were rusty two weeks ago vs us.

Hey Guys, thanx for the vote of confidence here:rolleyes: I know most if not all of you are pulling for the Patsies:goof: I can deal with it. The Patsies look sharp and Brady's a pretty damn good QB, but for some reason ever since we stole Curtis Martin we'll keep taking the wind right out of there sails.....Bye week or no bye week Jets 24 Pats 14:D :D :D :D :D :D Good luck against the Broncos, I hate them more than I hate you guys LOL:lol: :lol:
Jetfuel you hate the Broncs more than Fins :confused:

As a NY born Dolphan, I live to see the Fins win and Jets lose. I have grown to dislike the Pats and Bills, but could never hate a team as much as I hate the Jets in any sport :fire: - nothing personal against their better fans.

If I were to be given a labotomy (and no I have not already had one :goof: ) and stopped being a Dolphan, I would still be a Jet hater I am sure.

Anyway, just curious :o


Actually the Jets defense has only allowed 19 points in the last 4 games. The Panthers scored a defensive td off a Richie Anderson fumble, and the Saints scored a safety off a Vinny intentional grounding in the endzone.

I hate every team, but my Jets, in the AFC Period.
The Professional team I hate the most though is the Detriot Redwings. DETRIOT SUCKS !!!!
I think

The Pats will win this game. I think after the embarassment the Dolphins faced against the Jets. Teams will play them knowing if they can protect the ball they can beat the Jets. I think Bellick will have some surprises for the Jets and pull out a close one. Like Pats 13 Jets 10...

I am looking for Cox to have a big first game back...
I agree I think teams underestimated the jets. Now teams will go in bracing themselves knowing what they can do. Jets are do for a loss.
Patriots 20
Jets 17
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