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Jet Fan 98% certain Surtain will be a Jet by Saturday.

Surtain is there...for that pick plus their #1 next year! :D

Hey, that Jolley trade says to me they're dumb enough to fall for it.
Thats funny they are all willing to give up their secound but they think we would never do it
maybe it's a dolphins fan undercover, looking for props for surtain in an underhanded way? i don't understand it otherwise... the price to the jets would have to be much higher.
Kansas City's #2 is actually better than the Jets 1st #2. :)

That's what they get for taking the Raiders 2nd #2.
Wow, first time I've ever agreed with Jets fans.

Miami would not make this trade within the division. We're not talking about Belichick trading an obviously weakness riddled player in Bledsoe. This is Surtain, one of the best in the league. No way that happens.

There would a mass-suicide in Miami.
WOW... the last place we would ever trade surtain is to the jets... that was the stupidest comment ive ever heard
BleedinGreenNC said:
I havent heard anything about this on JI, don't put all the Jets fans in on this.

The title of the thread is Jet Fan.. Not Fans.
eww i just noticed our new forum colors resemble theirs.
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