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Jets o-line suffers another blow

Looks like the Jets just might find out about what we went through last year. And hopefully, for once, WE'LL be the ones who stay relatively healthy this year.
I hope their O line is solid. I want to beat those guys with no excuses...NONE.

We've been here before a few times. And I don't wish anyone to get hurt and be out for the year, just for the games against the Dolphins.

Bad luck Jets fans.

However, I did hear Girl Scout Troop #322 has an extra they can lend you. :) Just joking.
Originally posted by dolfan87
I hope their O line is solid. I want to beat those guys with no excuses...NONE.


There's always some excuse..
Originally posted by inFINSible

There's always some excuse..

That's right! There will always be an excuse, it doesn't matter.

Looks like the injury bug has infested the Jets camp this year. I don't wish injury on anyone, but better them then my beloved Dolphins. We had our share of injuries last season and I hope we don't get a visit from the injury bug again no time soon.
Staying healthy is what gets you deep into the playoffs if you have a talented team.

That or an extreme amount of luck...see Patriots 2001.

it is not like Czott was going to the Pro Bowl - maybe they could use Heath Irwin ;) :lol:
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Anyways, I would agree with 87... I want the Jets to be 100% healthy. I don't want to beat em and they say "well... so and so was hurt, and our offensive line was going to pits" because we, as Dolphin fans, have used that excuse one too many times! :lol:

Talk to ya later man....
I feel the same, I thought we could beat the Jets healthy, but what we went through last year, I wish on no one.. When you win, you want to know you beat their best,,Like every one here, I hope we stay healthy, that is indeed the key to getting to the SB.
Look at the team that have made it,, they all were relatively healthy during the playoffs. Your best can overcome a lot of talented teams who are injured. Keep our fingers cross that we
don't have any serious injuries and it would be nice if D. Gardner can last the whole season..When you look at our starting Dline..
Man that's an awesome group.
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