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Jets supposedly to win superbowl....

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He isn't a Sentinel writer, he writes for Newsday (Homer alert!). That said, why's it in the Sentinel???
I read that this morning and couldn't stop laughing....

Maybe their Super Bowl III victory wont be the last one they ever win afterall.....NOT!!!!

P.S. - I read that LB S. Cowart tweaked his hammy yesterday, and that OG R. Thomas' shoulder is still bothering him....

the jets have a good team but they have a lot of new players..if they dont mesh quickly they are in trouble because there first 3 games are at buffalo, new england and at miami...they could be 0-3 in the division...that will be awesome...i hate the jets...
The jets have about as much chance of winning the 2003 Super Bowl as I have growing antlers.
What a load of crap... I wasn't sure whether to laugh my a$$ off, get pi$$ed at his stupidity, or pity the moron for being such a fool...

In fact... I still can't make up my mind :goof:

:monkey: Bob Glauber
jets in the bowl?

oh i firmly believe the jets will be in the bowl this year...............

the toilet bowl that is. i mean what a CROCK OF $HIT!!

unbelievable statement. expecially this early on. they have methusela at qb and sperm edwards at head coach. they also have a ton of new players who have to gell together, plus the jets just plain and simply suck azz!!


it is just so funny with the jests. when you talk to a jet fan, there always about, our qb is better, our run game is better our d-line, our lb's, cb's, all better than miami's.

some may be true, but one thing for sure, they always finish below us in the division. so translated, it means there a bunch of pathetic under achievers with all that awsome talent they always say they have.

they are NOT going to any superbowl.

:monkey: on the jets!!
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the winning formula ?

I saw and read the article on Friday's sun sentinal, the illustration was funny.. especially the on with the Jets 0-8.

every team in the nfl has high expectations for the new season. people did not give the Pat's a chance to go to the dance let alone win it....

why not the Jets why not now...

football is a strange game and a marathon. anything can happen

look foward to a great season and enjoying AFC East Football..

see you Sept 22 in the heat at TSFNAJRS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J-E-T-S J-E-T-S ! J-E-T-S !! J-E-T-S !!!
Newsdayis a Long Island paper, Glauber writes for it as well as the Sporting News. The Jets higharchy really must be pushing the positve vibes crap down the players throats. Sam Garnes was on the NY ESPN radio station earlier today saying how great things were going and how amazingly talented they are, this after 2 days. I guess Edwards ffeels that if he tells the players how great they are enough it will overcome their obvious shortcomings.
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