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Jim "Crash" Jensen- "Mr Do-It-All" -was the Man


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Aug 10, 2008
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Jensen was one of Hall of Famer Dan Marino’s backup quarterbacks from 1984-92 and also took snaps at running back, fullback, tight end, wide receiver, holder on extra points and field goals,and punt snapper.From 1984 to ‘91, he turned 229 receptions into 132 first downs, and from 1984 to ‘88 he recorded a reception in 55 of 63 games, ending his career with 229 receptions for 2,171 yards and 19 touchdowns.
Jensen’s best statistical season came in 1989 when he caught 65 passes for 557 yards and six touchdowns, carried the ball eight times for 50 yards,and completed one pass for 19 yards and a touchdown. In 1988 he was named the NFL’s Special Teams Player of the Year and also was the Dolphins’ special teams MVP. His number 11 jersey was one of the most recognizable on the field at the Orange Bowl and what is currently known as Sun Life Stadium.
The South Florida resident most recently was a project manager for an underground utilities company in Plantation and is now coaching, mentoring and tutoring special education kids with Child Provider Services.
But football is never far from his mind.
“I would love to coach again, but I haven’t really actively pursued it,”said Jensen,who was head coach of the af2’s Florida Firecats in 2001 and the AFL’s Florida Bobcats in 1996.“I did a football camp recently with one of my former Firecats players (quarterback Ken Mastrole) and I was running around out there like I was 20 years old again. It’s one speed only for me and it was great.I loved it.”
When Jensen was in playing shape, he was one of the hardest guys to get off the field. Shula started running out of ways to utilize the player who quarterbacked Boston University to a combined 17-3-1 record over his college career.He wasn’t afraid to make a tackle or lay down a crushing block on an opposing defensive lineman and never looked to avoid contact or go over the middle to catch a pass,hence his nickname.
Jensen was in his 20s both times the Dolphins reached the Super Bowl — after the 1982 and 1984 seasons — and he vividly remembers both experiences. The Super Bowl XVII loss to the Washington Redskins came with David Woodley at starting quarterback and the Killer B’s defense in its prime, while the loss to the San Francisco 49ers and Hall of Famer Joe Montana in Super Bowl XIX put a damper on Marino’s record-setting second season and Miami’s 14-2 record.
“To be honest with you,the first Super Bowl that I was in I was happy to be there,” Jensen said. “I was young and obviously we wanted to win but we didn’t win, and then we get back two years later and you know what it feels like to lose.That second one was a lot harder than the first one, although I do remember recovering a fumble in that game.But with a coach like Don Shula you always believe that you can get back there and win it. It just didn’t happen for us.”
Jensen and the Dolphins came real close a few more times,losing to New England the very next year in the AFC Championship Game and to the Buffalo Bills in the 1990 AFC Divisional Round and 1992 AFC Championship Game.He surmised that the longer Marino was in the league,the easier it became for opposing teams to figure out to defend him and the Dolphins, and the Patriots and Bills came up with some good schemes.
One thing Jensen still takes a lot of pride in is how his type of role has diminished with more specialists being signed. “It’s amazing that today you have a position for a punt snapper,”he said. “Now when I work with kids, especially tight ends, I try to teach them how to snap the ball for punts.”
I love "Crash". One of my favorite Dolphins players EVER. Player on our team he reminds me most is Cobbs, a guy who will do anything for the squad. Touch catch over the middle for a first down? Dial up #11. Jensen could perform so many different roles and was a beast on special teams. #11...you are DA MAN!
If memory serves me correctly it was "Crash" that caught Marino's then record-breaking 37th TD pass against the Raiders in 1984.
He was & is great. Just got this back in the mail from him.
The position on the card should be "everything" instead of "wide receiver". Jensen was not defined by a position. He was one of those unselfish players (I'll say it again, Cobbs is the closest analogy on our team today) who would do whatever he was asked with complete and total lack of regard for his body. He earned "Crash" as an awesome ST player.
Played online at PokerStars a couple years ago...was at a table with a guy named "CrashJensen11" or something like that...I started typing "nice nickname", and about how much a fan I was of Jim Jensen. He types back "Thanks..." and proceeds to explain that he *IS* Jim Jensen. Unsure of the veracity, but he did point out that he posts on another Fin forum a lot...don;t recall which one. We conversed for about 5 minutes...cool guy, whomever he was.
Sure could use a guy like him right now. I know this staff would've loved him.

That's why they like Cobbs so much. Another guy who lines up wherever they ask him to and does a good job. Remember Sparano's "pie" comment in a press conference? Something like Cobbs brings a piece of pie here, a piece there, pretty soon you have a whole pie.

Jensen had the added ability to QB. That sets him apart from Cobbs, who might throw a pass or two, but doesn't have the passing skill Jensen had.
That's an awesome article. It doesn't surprise me the least that he is working with special needs kids now. He has always been a class act. Didn't he ended up marrying one of the Dolphin cheerlearders.
Does he have an address to send things to for his sig?
One of my all-time favorite Dolphins, there was no better 3rd down receiver in a Miami uniform, the man was clutch.
My son and I were lucky to be able to spend the evening with Crash, playing pool and tailgating the day of the game with him while attending are first home game a few years back.One of the greatest guys I have had the pleasure to meet and my son will never forget the time that Crash spent with him while there.
One of my all-time favorite Dolphins.A true class act !!!!!!!
What, an article about Jim Crash Jensen and GoonBoss doesn't chime in? What's the world coming too? Seriously, Crash was a player that gave it his all. I would love for some of our players now to have his heart. What a great guy.
is there any chance we can get him into the hall of fame and the dolphins ring of honor ?

I would love to see those players photos in the aqua jerseys because there is a aura about the fins back then .

I think Jensen is the most underrated fin player in history.
GoonBoss must be on vacation. I don't think Jensen is quite Ring of Honor material, but he was very good for quite a while. Definitely gave his all for the Fins.
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