Jim Turner Hired By Bengals

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    Zac Taylor defends adding Jim Turner, fired in Dolphins' bullying scandal, to Bengals staff

    CINCINNATI -- Bengals coach Zac Taylor defended the controversial hire of offensive line coach Jim Turner on Thursday, saying he has no problem giving Turner his first job in the NFL since 2014.

    Turner has not worked in the league since he was fired by the Miami Dolphinsin February 2014 in the wake of the Wells report, which detailed a series of bullying incidents within the franchise. Turner was a prominent figure named in the report.

    "We talked about culture and bringing the right people in this building and I would never do anything that would tarnish the reputation of the Brown family and the Bengals organization if I didn't believe in the person and know the person inside and out."
    Zac Taylor, on hiring Jim Turner to his Bengals staff
    Taylor, who has worked with Turner at several stops, vouched for the hiring on Thursday afternoon, admitting that he anticipated some backlash for the decision after spending the majority of his opening news conference discussing culture and character. He said that Turner was No. 1 on the list of people he wanted to hire for the offensive line coach position.

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