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JJ wrecked our offense



i have been watching old dolphin games from 1992-95 and jj got rid of all our good offensive players...i understand that we had cap problems but fryar wanted to resign and jj gets fred barnett instead...he also cut eric green,keith byars,traded terry kirby...jj also had kaj start over kirby,parmalee and spikes...all of those guys were better than kaj... i give jj all the credit in the world for fixing the defense but he should have kept all of our talent on offense...jjs ego got in the way bigtime...i am so much happier with WANNY,at least he does not have an ego...he won 11 games twice already...jj never won 11 games
Man, JJ was unlucky on offense as many times as he was wrong. Barnett had a bad injury, and if he never got hurt would have been a very good deep threat.

Don't even get me started on Yatil. That was the most exciting draft pick in recent memory for me, and we all know the luck we had with that cat.

Any of the RBs you listed were scrubs and had their chances before KAJ got there, and proved to be worthless. Only Parmalee was close. KAJ could find the endzone, but that was about it.

Byars? please, he wasn't much of anything but a receiver. Saving money and going with Pritchett was the right call.

What did Eric Green do other than eat up a large size of the cap(and eat himself into tubby status)? He was one of the horrible Shula aquisitions for his last hurrah. I'm glad we cut that guy.
byars damn near single handidly(sp?) won that thanksgiving snow from hell game against the cowgirls, he was the only one who could do anything in the snow because of his little steps. and he did come back to kick ass against miami after he was traded within the division.
pritchett? what in the heck did he EVER do for our team? besides going to the eagles (where he hasn't done anything there either). i'm not sure the difference in their price tags, but i'm pretty sure byars didn't cost anymore that pritchett.

i personally think the worst thing jimmah did to our team was fail to bring in a decent qb to sit behind dan and learn. jimmah knew dan was gone in 2-3 years, he could have brought someone decent in to groom. not to mention he took away dan's most potent weapon in not allowing him to audible at the line, he was the best at that.
his ego didn't help matters either.
i wouldn't say he was totally unlucky with the offense, i don't consider picking avery and jjj as early as he did (or at all for that matter) as being unlucky.

he did take care of our defense, but you need both.
Shula NEVER brought in a suitable replacement for Dan, Jimmy tried with Craig Erickson, who succumb to arm injuries, but was slightly promising. The blame goes to BOTH coaches for that.

Pritchett was a 5th rounder making the MINIMUM! He cost a lot less then Byars, and was a good blocker while he was here, and a decent receiver. Pritchett was even asked to play in a one-back set a few times, and did a decent job of it. He was well worth his price tag. He played for a very good team in Philly and is now on a very good team in Chicago. Is that a coincidence?

When Jimmy took Dan's audibles away Dan was already finished. he passes fluttered for the most part and even he couldn't throw the out anymore without the damn thing going back the other way for 6.

JJ, Shula, AND Dan all had huge egos, so there shouldn't be any mention of that.

Avery was a horrible pick, but JJJ was a first round talent we got in the 2nd, which was a very good value. He was a monster in college and nobody could have guessed he would be an injury prone player in the NFL. It didn't pan out, but at the time it was a good pick, whereas the Avery pick was a reach and bad from the begining.
oh boy

one thing you have to undestand is the situation JJ was in when coming to Miami.

The team was in pieces.

1995 was the year in which Don Shula was trying to force a superbowl by signing 19 (!!!) former first round picks and eventually put Miami into a salary cap.

JJ was forced to cut the meat quickly to keep the damages down. His first year he had to absorb 12 million dollars in dead money, in year two nearly 8 million and in year 3 almost 3 million.

We paid players like Cox while they werew playing for the Jets already.

His options were limited and he decided to build the defense first before paying attention to the offense. It took 3 drafts and a few small FA moves to get the right D.

One mistake he made though: He gave his 3 year guarantee before looking at the cap situation.

I like JJ but I am not an avid fan of him but you have to look at the whole situation. A lot of what JJ did or couldn't do was determined already in 1995.
JJ is nothing more then a big egotistical whiner. He picked up some good players for our defense but totally ignored our offense. I'm glad he's retired, he's better off cruising around in his boat then he is coaching.

I like Jimmy for the most part. He built us one hell of a defense. The troubles on offense were 1/3 bad luck, 1/3 salary cap, and 1/3 bad decisions.
True, JJ gave more to the D than the offense... but for that he deserves a LOT of credit. Not since the "no name" D did Miami much of any D at all. Shula fell into the habit of depending on Marino's arm to stage comebacks... then Dan got old too, and it wasn't happening as easily. Then in comes JJ... touted as the "savior" of the Phins... much as he had been with the Cowboys. Not much he could do about an aging QB who was possibly the greatest ever, and still "Mr popularity" with the fans, and in the clubhouse... personally, I think part of the reason he walked away, was that he knew Dan's contract was coming up, and he didn't want to be the coach that turned his back on Mr Prolific. Anyway, he did in fact THINK he was grooming a successor to Marino... Damon Huard. After he was forced to relieve Dan in N.E., everyone else thought so also... it wasn't until the next season when he couldn't get the offense to score in any of the pre-season games, that we all realized he wouldn't amount to much.
Also, don't be too hard on KAJ ... he at least had a 1000 yrd season in 1996.. the first since Delvin Williams did it in '78!
I don't think he "ruined" the offense, I think he just couldn't fix it... yes some poor decisions (Avery comes to mind first, some bad luck (remember Cecil Collins? I thought Cecil the Deisel would have been fantastic, if not for his problems with the law), and of course his ego (his and Dan's wouldn't fit into the locker room at the same time... but Dan had earned his for 17 yrs).
He set the stage for Wanny... thankfully Wanny is smart enough to learn from JJ's mistakes, capitalize on JJ's sucesses, and add his own "touch" to the team...
Shula was an outstanding coach... but the game passed him by..
JJ was a very good coach ... but he was expected to do too much in too little time
Wanny will be a great coach, now that he has some of the pieces in place.. he'll be getting better...

Just a few thoughts from the newbie...
I agree with a lot about what you say, but I think just because of the futility we had at RB for so long we shouldn't give KAJ a break. he was small, slow, couldn't catch and couldn't move the pile. He had a nose for the endzone, but that is about all.

He averaged 3.6 ypc for 1100 yds, that is very unspectacular.
Unspectacular....maybe, but my point was he did a much better job than those that jd13 said were better... Parmalee, Kirby, and Spikes for petes sake? :stooges: I hardly think it was a mistake to drop 3 guys that couldn't muster 1000 yards COMBINED, for someone who actually produced. Did he have Csonka or Mercury Morris or Delvin Williams like numbers? Heck no, but he was better than what we had. The "nose for the endzone" alone was a HUGE improvement... until then ALL of the other teams KNEW Dan would try to throw it in... at least we had the running threat in the red zone.
Actually, Parmalee had a 4.0 ypc average, but had about 100 less rush attempts, that is better poduction if you ask me, plus Parmalee was a STs ace.

Really tho, we haven't had anybody worth mentioning since Delvin Williams.

It will be a joy to finally watch a RB worth a damn!! hehe
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