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joe benigno(wfan)said this about miami and its fans



a dolphin fan called up and told joe benigno(wfan and also an avid jets fan) that the jets were lucky to beat us 8 straight times...he went nuts...caller was talking smack...joe said that he hates the dolphins more than any other team in sports...he said he hates marino, shula, and the stupid fish logo...also said he hates dolphin fans because we always say that this is our year and were gonna go,14-2,13-3,12-4, every year...start off the season 5-1,6-1,9-2 and fade at the end and lose in the playoffs...he also said that we are ****y and should not talk because we havent won a super bowl since jan.1974...the guy is a good talk show host but drives me nuts cause he hates the phins...the caller gave all of us a bad name...we have to beat them week 3 so we can shut the jets fans up once and for all...
Originally posted by jd13
we have to beat them week 3 so we can shut the jets fans up once and for all...
Amen to that Brother !

Sept 22 is a do ir die game - if we lose, 2002 is another tease (unless RW plays 15g this year and misses that one :o )
i believe that if we beat them week 3 in the heat of miami...we will also beat them in the meadowlands...but if we lose in week 3 we will lose the 2nd game...
Benigno is the biggest Jets homer going. He never gives the teams that beat the Jets credit and finds some excuse why they lost. He just doesn't realize the Jets suck.

It seems like when the Jets beat the Dolfins they won the superbowl. The fans are obnoxious and all I keep bringing up to them is the fake spike play and they go nuts.

I work with several Jets fans and I can't take another Dolphins loss to them, we have to beat them twice and beat them bad.
hey this is a regular constitution state thread - how 'bout that ;) :cool:
My question to him is....

Originally posted by jd13
he also said that we are ****y and should not talk because we havent won a super bowl since jan.1974...

....and when exactly was the last time the Jets were even in the superbowl?
Good call. The Jets made it what, 33 years ago?? But we've still gotta beat them. Right now, I don't talk any smack to Jet fans....because I can't. We can't. They own us right now.

But come Sept 22, it's over. Miami, at HOME in SEPTEMBER, is UNBEATABLE. I can't wait to be there!!
The Jets are nothing...Yes they have a streak on us, but we must be the only team they can beat. And that is more a mental issue with this team rather than the Jets being better...We will get over that streak this year and should go deep in the playoffs.
Muck I agree with you......for 4 years I have been talking smack to pet fans only to eat crow the next day. This year I will keep my mouth shut and let the action on the field speak before I do.
He's actually right about most of what he was just how he expressed himself that was a bit over the edge
The worst is even if we beet them on the 22nd all their fans will say 8-1. There is only 3 options to shut them up once and for all.

1. We beet them both games, and win the AFC east.

2. We beet them at least once in the Reg season, and then again in the playoffs.

3.My fav option win the whole fing thing.
4) We beat them in Miami and I steal Fireman Ed's helmet.
I just requested sept 22 off from work, I can't wait. I look forward to the Jets-Dolphin game more than any other day. Its quite funny my girl freind always goes out of town that weekend, because she doens't want to deal with me win or loss.
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