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Joey Harrington in Teal and Orange ???

That draft wasa kind of nuts! No way Bryant is #2 and Carr #15. It is hard to speculate on the draft since only 1 junior has said for sure that he is leaving school.
Love it

This would be great. Notice the comment that we are "at the high point of the Jay Fiedler roller coaster".
now now.... Dorsey has to win Miami two Championship games before he comes to Miami to lead them to a few Superbowls.... lol

I would rarther see Eli Manning in Teal in Orange. I doubt we will ever see Dave pick a qb in the first round, he is a defensive football coach. Thats why I doubt that Harrington will be in Miami, we are losing the battle at the line of scrimage on both sides of the ball. Are first round pick will be o-line or d-line.
I would rather see Dorsey with us next year, but Harrington is a very good player. Dorsey has to win two championships though before putting on the teal and orange.:)
although I am a huge Dorsey fan he scares me as a Dolphin draft pick. He has looked great in college, but he has played w/the best o-line, possibly ever in college football. He also is inconsistent w/his throws and forces it in to place it doesn't need to go. It will be intersting to see what he does at the next level, where the players are closer in talent, level how he does, but right now i wouldn't want Miami to trade up to get him, there is just to much to lose.
Ken Dorsey, COME ON DOWN!!!! You're the next contestant on, "The Dolphins Need A Consistent Quarterback"!!:) Who's the next draft pick up for bid, Bob?:lol:
you have to think about the fact that Dorsey wil be a top 5 pick, and Miami wil have a 20+ pick. It would take probably 2 number 1 picks and a round 2, and maybee a round 3 to get him, thats a lot to give up for anyone.
yeah but if they get the right bid on a draft pick Dorsey gets to play for the fantasy showcase and with his arm he could spin that damn dollar wheel round and round and win the fantasy showcase to play in Miami or BOTH showcases, and be the starter his 1st year!:lol: Yippeee!
  1. The draft is irrelevant right now
  2. the Fins will sign UFA before the draft -like we signed Spriggs that will greatly effect who we take
  3. we will lose guys to UFA or the Cap like Bowens
  4. Daryl made retire in which case an OT and DT are our top priorities
the only way we can clear space w/Bowens is if he is taking by the Texans in the expansion draft. That is doubtfull at best, and may be impossible if Gardener retires. We are in big trouble w/the cap next year, so I doubtwe will see any big signings. The o-line has to be a concern w/2 guys that weren't that solid at lt before they tore their acls, comming back from injury does not solidify the postion. On top of that Dixon is pondering retirement, and Perry has struggled all season.
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