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that marco coleman will get cut and clayton thinks that coleman will end up in miami...i hope it happens...
i don't you guys think he's any better now than david bowens? this kid is a madman!
I think David Bowens is going to be a good one too, but good DE depth is something we don't have. (and Gardner is always a question) Coleman would give us solid depth, at a fairly reasonable price.

We do not know for sure just how good David Bowens will be. We know what we are getting with Coleman. :)
I agree completely 984....Not one of us can sit here and say we know for sure D-Bo can play the run, we can forecast and predict all we want, but we really have no idea.

With Coleman, we know we are getting a guy that can hold the point of attack, contain his side, and even add in 6-7 sacks in the base defense. That is better than what we have had in the last few years.

Coleman might not start, but he would be our BEST(most complete) backup and could be rotated in for DG without us losing much, maybe even gaining more if DG doesn't pan out.

Bowens will probobly get a chance sometime this year to show whether or not he can hold up against the run, or for that matter, prove if he can actually get after the QB for a full 16 games. We haven't seen much of him yet, which is either a good thing, or a bad thing(hiding his deffiecencies).

I think if we sign Coleman, we are set on the Dline.
I agree on Marco. The only issue to me would be the money. I doubt if he would take the vet minimum, but, we do have 3 mil or thereabouts to spend on rookies and FA. He would definitely be a welcome addition to this defense. The more I think about it, the more I like it.
The early reports have Marco going to Philly if released. He was treated pretty crappy by JJ i wouldn't bet on him comming back.
Originally posted by Dajesus
The early reports have Marco going to Philly if released. He was treated pretty crappy by JJ i wouldn't bet on him comming back.

Ummm didn't Coleman leave as a free agent when Shula retired leaving our cap in a complete mess so we couldn't afford to resign Coleman?
Ya, the offseason JJ was hired, Coleman, Vincent and Cox were all free agents, and all the best players of their own respective units.

Unless there was some serious offseason talking going on, I don't see how Coleman could have been treated like crap.

Coleman has been linked with Miami by a number of different sources this offseason, and I believe, not 100% sure, that his agent was one of those sources.

A source also said that he wouldn't mind coming in and being a backup, same as Burnett. Right now it isn't even close between those 2 players, Coleman is way better than Burnett, and a good 3-4 years younger.
I may be wrong, but I remember Marco making a comment that JJ didn't even give him a call to see what it would take to keep him, even after he publicly said he wants to remain a Dolphin.
I honestly can't remember that, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

With the money Coleman was looking for there is now way we could keep him, fiscally. He was a player that deserved a big contract, and realistically just couldn't get one in Miami, so i don't know why he would be all that upset about it.

But, JJ is gone now and I'd love to get that guy back here.
Is it just me, or does Marco Coleman look just like Keith Byars??

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