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Josh Davis OTC Interview

Thanks Stan , and by the way , I love the draft .... LOVE IT ....

How about you?

Read some of my other posts if you like , but I think pretty much as good as we could hope for.
Nice find. I am excited about this guy. I'm really glad Saban got a UDFA WR ASAP, because I really thought we needed one in the draft.

I like this guy's confidence, and also his attitude ("I can improve on everything")

If Derrius Thompson keeps up his good play from last year (aka catching the ball) and Davis can be a solid 4th WR, Feeley will have some serious weapons to throw to this year! Chambers, Booker, THompson, Davis, Brown, McMike!

Yeah the draft is pretty crazy...Its nice to see our organization get it right for once with good value with our pix.(well we made some great first day pix wether they turn out or not who knows) And our 2nd day pix all have good upside and thats pretty much all u can hope for is them to reach their potential. At first i was a bit dissapointed that we didnt trade down, but I definately like the pix weve made.
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