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JT and Zach TV apperance


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Apr 2, 2002
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Zach and JT will be on Fox Sports on The Best Damn Sports Show Period.
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WHEN ???????????????????????????????????????????
Yes it was tonight (Thursday). I had a link to where to find that info out, but the board nazi's took it down.
Funny how they edited my post and took the link out when just a week ago the MOD's on this board and who run this site said we had to be careful as to what we posted and to just write a sentence and provide a link. Don't cut and paste entire articles.

Well, I do that and WHAM......you guys edit the post and take the link down. Whats up with that?

God the censorship on this board is amazing.
Did anyone see this? Was it me or was JT really unlikeable? That show is very laid back and is towards the lighter side of sports, but JT came off very ****y, and like he has no sence of humor. It is to boring to have a guest on a show like that who answers all the questions with the typical PC answers. Boring!
Zach was funny. I love how they rip on Michael Irvin. Zach got him back good with the "South Beach" joke. Most teammates say that JT is a really funny guy. I didn't get to see him talk much, so I don't know about this show.
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