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JT's off season project

Intersting. Maybe that's where the "JT is retiring to go to Hollywood" rumours came from.

I hope his wife's not going to be jealous (and hope she wouldn't have a reason to be)... since they just patched things up recently.

Anyways, none of my business... as long as he shows up for work on Sundays and performs.


Reason = she's a woman. :D No offense to the ladies, just stating facts! :D
Sounds more like he's going to be the host of the show, and not one of the "participants".

Taylor is going to be one of the producers.
Heinrich, who's also inked a one-year development deal with Emmett/Furla, brought the idea to the company and will serve as a producer and host. Taylor will also produce.
Taylor is going to be one of the producers.
Exactly. It said he will also produce. Taylor already has camera experience, and its obvious why the centerfold is there. They are the "beautiful people" as we used to say at Universal Pictures. They will host it.
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