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Junior Rosegreen

godfater21 said:
Yeah wanted Saban to give him a shot.

Yeah I don't understand why he didn't get any other opportunities. He is a great player and I'm certain Seattle wasn't his first choice since they are LOADED at safety.
he is a very hard hitter... but the concern is that he is a SS with the body of a FS.

He lacks good coverage skills.
I wish that we could sign him. But i dont really know if a guy who scores a 2 on the wonderlic test should do good.
Guys, he has dyslexia

Please refrain from the 2 test score will you guys. He has dyslexia.

Lee2000 said:
Please refrain from the 2 test score will you guys. He has dyslexia.


Not only does he have dyslexia, but also the site that claims he got a 2 says he got a 2 out of 32. Which doesn't exactly make sense considering the Wonderlic is out of 50 and always has been.

I think somethings shady about that report.
They maybe loaded at safety, but several of their starters are hurt right now, and Rosegreen has been playing with the first unit. Doing fairly well, I might add.
Rosegreen is small and slow.. This is why he and Shazor didn't get picked in the Draft... Saban has seen him for 3 years and would have took him had he thought he had a chance to make the team... Saban does not like small guys so I am sure he didn't even give him a look...
Rosegreen is certainly smaller than the average NFL safety, but he ran a sub 4.5 at the pro day at Auburn for the scouts. He's also incredibly strong. And as the other posters mentioned, Junior does have dyslexia.
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