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Feb 3, 2002
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We always hear about "It takes about 3 years to accurately judge a draft class". Well, lets have a look at the 1999 1st Round. Note that a BOOM or BUST is relative to how the TEAM fared with this pick:

1 Cleveland Browns - Tim Couch QB Kentucky
BOOM……although other players were more worthy of the top pick.

2 Philadelphia Eagles - Donovan McNabb QB Syracuse

3 Cincinnati Bengals - Akili Smith QB Oregon

4 Indianapolis Colts - Edgerrin James RB Miami (FL)
BOOM. But his return from injury will be interesting.

5 New Orleans Saints - Ricky Williams RB Texas
BUST…..Traded an entire draft away and top half of another for three years of inconsistent service. Getting back a #1 and a #1 or #2 or #3 does not equalize it.

6 St. Louis Rams - Torry Holt, WR North Carolina St.

7 Washington Redskins (from Chicago) - Champ Bailey CB Georgia

8 Arizona Cardinals (from San Diego) - David Boston, WR Ohio St.
BOOM….But his drug problem will be interesting to follow

9 Detroit Lions - Chris Claiborne ILB USC
Jury Out…..could be a solid player moving inside. Father’s murder could motivate him further.

10 Baltimore Ravens - Chris McAlister CB Arizona

11 Minnesota Vikings (from Washington) - Daunte Culpepper QB Central Florida

12 Chicago Bears (from Washington) - Cade McNown QB UCLA

13 Pittsburgh Steelers - Troy Edwards WR Louisiana Tech
BUST…..team’s #3 WR now that Bobby Shaw is gone.

14 Kansas City Chiefs - John Tait OT Brigham Young

15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Anthony McFarland DT LSU
Jury Out….is too often blocked by one man. This is his “label yearâ€Â.

16 Tennessee Titans - Jevon Kearse DE Florida

17 New England Patriots (from Seattle) Damien Woody C Boston College
BOOM…..although there was no need to trade up for him.

18 Oakland Raiders - Matt Stinchcomb, OT Georgia
Jury Out….converted to guard. Plays on a talented line, but still can’t win a job.

19 New York Giants - Luke Petitgout, OT Notre Dame
BOOM…..developing nicely at RT. But the team has moved him to LT.

20 Dallas Cowboys (from Seattle) - Ebenezer Ekuban, DE North Carolina
Jury Out…..talented, but has battled injuries.

21 Arizona Cardinals - Lonnie Shelton, OT Eastern Michigan
BOOM……nice LT

22 Seattle Seahawks(from Dallas) - Lamar King, DE Saginaw Valley
Jury Out…..large DE. Finally settling on a position. Battled injuries.

23 Buffalo Bills - Antoine Winfield, CB Ohio St.

24 San Francisco 49ers(from Miami) - Reggie McGrew, DT Florida
Jury Out….plays behind Young and Stubblefield

25 Green Bay Packers - Antwan Edwards, CB Clemson
Jury Out…..moved to safety. Got 6 INTs first two years as nickelback. IR in 2001. Now he gets his chance to replace Butler, but is still hurt.

26 Jacksonville Jaguars - Fernando Bryant, CB Alabama
BOOM….good player in a bad secondary/scheme

27 Detroit Lions (from Miami) - Aaron Gibson, OT Wisconsin
BUST……biggin’ is now fighting for a backup job in Dallas.

28 New England Patriots (from New York Jets) - Andy Katzenmoyer, ILB Ohio St.

29 Minnesota Vikings - Dimitrius Underwood, DE Michigan St.
BUST…..He lasted 1 day into training camp.

30 Atlanta Falcons - Patrick Kerney, DE Virginia
BOOM……very solid 2-way DE. 81 tackles, 12 sacks in 2001. But will now play LOLB in new 3-4 scheme.

31 Denver Broncos - Al Wilson, ILB – Tennessee

That gives me:

BOOM - 17
BUST - 7
Jury Out - 7

What do you think??
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Oops, I mistyped. But the 1999 class was my intention. They have played three seasons.
I'm not calling Ricky a bust (heavens no). I'm calling the pick itself a bust.
"Who cares, look at 25's freakin avatar!!!"

:lol: :lol: Some things are just more important than others......
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