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Sep 2, 2001
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Sage Update
The Miami Dolphins gave the Washington Redskins a seventh-round draft pick for QB Sage Rosenfels. However, that could become a fifth rounder if Rosenfels starts eight games this season.

Burnett Limited
The Miami Dolphins DE Rob Burnett (hamstring) was limited at practice Thursday. He said his right hamstring was well enough to play if this week's pres-season game was a regular-season game.

Battle For Running Back
Chris Perkins reports for the Sun Sentinel, it appears that RBs Robert Edwards and rookie Leonard Henry are battling for the last roster spot at RB for the Miami Dolphins. To this point, Edwards has gotten the opportunities to show what he can do. Wannstedt had this to say about Henry, "Well, he hasn't had as much action as what we would have liked because of the running back depth." The rookie is expected to get more action the last two weeks of the pre-season.
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