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Just some ranting


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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
Football is back and i have a few observations from this great day.

Danny Weurful looked AWESOME today! It may have been against 2nd teamers, but he looked great and has to be the leader in the starting qb sweepstakes in DC.

Remember the name Darrien Mcants from Delaware St. He made to outstanding catches late in the game for Washington against the 49ers. The first one it looked as though he all of a sudden put on a jet pack to run by a 49er and make a snag that should have been an incompletion(he did fumble 10 yards later.) The 2nd he made a routine catch and then rumbled over 2 defenders for a td.

I doubt many people were still awake or still interested in watching Wahsington finish off San Fran late in the 4th quarter, but something really pissed me off in the final 2 minutes. Theisman and the fat guy(forgot his name) started whinning about how they wish the game would just end, and were asking if they could just leave with time remaining in the game. I have 2 words for them...SHUT UP! I would cut off some of my fingers and toes to have their job so i don't want to hear them whine about winning the career lottery.

There should be an * next to Warren Sapp's name. It should say his mouth destroys his all pro ability. The only player in the entire NFL that I hate more happens to play on the same team. You guessed it Keyshawn Johnson. It is a shame when stupidity happens to great athletes.

How did Dan Hampton make it to the hall of fame?

Levcik, Taylor, Mcmichael, and Williams were the stars of Miami's scrimage. Since Mcmichael and Jay Williams are the only ones that will see playing time in the reg season lets hope they can keep it going. If Williams can put consistent preasure on passing plays when he lines up at DT J Taylor and our secondary will benifit greatly.

My last comment is about the Thursday night fiasco to open the season. I hate when the NFL makes the actual game take a back seat to the pagentry. Just like the SB the first game this season will be a circus and the play on the feild won't matter. Am I alone on this?

PS Jon Bon Jovi? He hasn't had a hit song in like 15 years, but for some reason the comishiner loves him.

PPS No one cares what your crappy Dolphins site has to say about the scrimage. Finheaven RULES!

PPPS Chambers84 is a boob.

dan hampton was good player, no doubt, but a first ballot hall of famer? no, hell no! not even a second.

there are so many players who should be getting in before hampton. does anyone really think dan hampton was a better linemen than mark clayton was a wr?

AND IS ANYONE SICK OF SEEING $HITZBURGH SQUEELERS GO IN EVERY YEAR? c'mon pfhof, there are other teams in the league.

THE SCRIMAGE: it was obvious ther was some sort of agreement with the teams to not tackle. our defense was swarming and lightning fast right off the bat. they would touch the guy and then the player would nod at each other and you could tell it was a planed thing. on the touch down by the titans, it was cought down the middle and our db was right on him. gave him the solid touch [undoubtedly would have been a tackle and down] and the guy ran through, another db right behind the first, same touch, it would have been a tackle, and the guy runs for the endzone.

the agreement was over. it was all tackle and hits after that and the titans didn't do didly. our defensive line was having it's way. HENRY TAYLOR better be the 4th dt over earnest grant. it was the henry taylor show in that scrimage. exellent against the run and pass.

i counted 7 sacks in that game. jay williams, rob burnett and chester taylor had sacks. so did david bowens and jason taylor. we had others that would have been sacks in the 1st series or two when they were playing touch ball.

LARRY CHESTER is a bull and is all that. i promis everyone, no one will miss daryl gardner. after the scrimage, dave was all smiles when chesters was brought up.

another thing that was apparent was ther was no big drop off in play when the second tear guys came in. we finally have quality depth. seaverns, taylor, even the new safety kid, jason moore had a real nice pic coming off his guy and playing the ball. i am very, very happy with our depth. at this point.

AGAIN, this was no 3 and out thing. each team got 10 to 15 plays and then gave the ball back. even in the first series, if it would ahve been a game, the titans would not have kept the ball.

AND, it was very obvious the emphasis was on keeping both teams players form injury. they even ended the scrimage an hour early because of the heat. good call on the touch but don't break agreement dave and jeff had in that game.

there are players that just have something, you know it when you see it. TIM LEVCIK, JUSTIN SEAVERNS and RANDY McMICHAEL have it. these guys WILL be players. it was very clear why norv like levcik so much. decisive, strong arm and his t.d. throw in between 2 defenders at the goal line was very marinoish! i think henry taylor may be one of those players to.

RAY LUCAS and ROB KONRAD were there same old imconsistant selves. lucas bombs every ball like he's thowing a grenade at sadam or bin laden!:) NO touch at all.

ther was no game plan for this scrimage. it was just plain read and react. our guys were clearly the victors.
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