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Apr 30, 2002
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Lower Delaware
I looked around and could not find much info on him. Anybody have any info?? John Clayton had in on inside the hudel, saying he could make the team, and compared his toughness to Ronnie Lott. That sound good and all, but can he play?
This kid sounds like a keeper....

We need more attitude at LB, and he sure sounds like a gamer...

I'm looking forward to seeing him in action....

Miami Herald ran the story that Clayton had on about a month ago. He apparently is strong as an ox but can't run much, is a bit short to cover TE's and will likely only ever be a ST.

Which doesn't make alot of sense considering all of our current backup LB are strictly ST. I'd like to see him take the place of one of backups and save us some money and see if that heart can make him a good player some day. People said Zach was too short and slow to play LB too.
They talked about him on Sportscenter last night. Wanny loves his attitude. When he played in college, he smashed his pinky. The doctors told him he could have surgery and miss playing time or he could have part of his finger cut off. He had it cut off.
Thanks guys, and that was a good artical on him. I hope he works out , sounds like a good kid.
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