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Kansas City Dolphin fan.


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Apr 22, 2005
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Been a fan ever since my dad took me to the Christmas day game between the Chiefs and Fins. Went to the game with a Chiefs lettermans jacket and left to never wear it again. I loved the Dolphins colors and how the team played that day, it was the longest and coldest game I've ever attended and still remember it like it was yesterday...

WharfRat said:

Welcome to the best fan site on the web!
Looking forward to seeing you on the boards!

couldn't of said it any better

Got my Finheaven shirt in the mail and I'm ready for my Draft party later today. We have a small group of Fin fans that get together for games and stuff... We all have Direct TV with the Sunday package so we see all the games...... Glad to be a member and hope we do good with the 2nd KC gave for Mr. Surtain....

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