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trick daddy23

Feb 14, 2005
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How could he of not been drafted? Maybe because of his age but I saw him in the bowl game against a good FSU defense and he ran all over them
He ran over most teams all season....over 300 yards against ECU, and it set a new big-east single game rushing record....

But i really have no clue why nobody picked him up??

Well that just means he can play for us now, and hopefully help us out along the way
no idea...he would appear to be a ronnie brown clone at 6'0 230. but that might be where the resemblence stops lol. 4.56 40 not too bad, but from reading the scouting report thats all he seems to be is a runner. doesn't catch well and doesn't like to block at all.
No he can catch the ball pretty well and can block, he just wasn't used much in that aspect. If he was in as good shape as Ronnie you'd see that he's just as physically talented as UPS.
His problem was his attitude and apparent deceptiveness.

The good thing is that he wasn't drafted which should humble him a bit. And, Saban's little talk on character should impact him. He really can't afford to be a screw up. When you aren't even drafted you can't really afford to blow it. Of course, if he does he won't cost us anything.
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