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Keep it up Jay


Nov 19, 2001
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I am one fan that has believed in Jay since day one. I will always believe in him. Interceptions can be bad, but if you learn from them they can be good. All QB's throw them and they suck royally at the time. They cost the team and put the defense at a disadvantage. Yet, when he breaks these mistakes down on film he can learn from the mistakes and make the neccessary changes. Obviously he has made some changes. He will still throw interceptions from time to time and he will continue to learn. That is the nature of the game. We have a solid QB who can win football games for us so lets support him. I think the fin fans need to chant his name loudly when he comes out on the field. If he feels like a part of Miami then he is sure to perform better. Feeling like your job is on the line can have its good and bad sides. Let him play and lets get behind him. If we go far this year it will be on his shoulders. Lamar is not going to get 209 yards rushing this year in a playoff game. Our weapons are in our receivers. Jay gets it in their hands. So, it is off to SF. Lets beat them and start making it clear that we are team to watch out for.

Go Jay Fiedler, I like him and so should you
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