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Kenoy Kennedy Loser


Oct 3, 2002
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Miami,Dolphin town
Im glad Randy McMicheal pushed away Kenoy kennedy while he was trying to appoligize to Chris Chambers when he was helped off the field while Bronco loser FANS was booing him when he got hit unsportmanslike with no remorse.....Kennedy's stupidity will cost him his job soon in the NFL hopefuly soon !
What a loser with no heart for the game.Someday he'll get the same licking!NO DOUGHT!

What kind of FAN would cheer when a player is down for 5 minutes or more!.... Your no FAN of the game if you do!


:monkey:kennedy the Loser!


:monkey:KILL THE SNIPER!:yell: :shark:
In defense of the Fans that were at the game in the Stadium, I know a Fellow Dolfan that lives in Denver now and was at the game... he was saying taht they had a completely different view of it from up in the stands and when he saw the replay he was shocked at how bad and blatent the cheap shot was. ESPN also failed to get a good listen to the fans applauding him as he left the field (as per football custom when an injured player is able to leave the field in any way other than on a stretcher).

So just because we have a few @#$%ing, @#$% bronco fans in here, realise that from what I have seen and heard, a majority seem to have a clue about how cheap the shot was now and are actually beeing pretty cool about it. (present company excepted)
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