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Mar 1, 2002
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My beloved Hawkeye was cut today by the Denver Bronco's and is available to be picked up. I KNOW he would be a decent 4th receiver for Miami and more importantly he is a very good punt returner. With the injury bug hitting Miami I really think he would be a good pick up on punt returns and would eventually work his way into a good receiver. I would take him over McKnight right now and his cap number would be much better.
I liked Kasper coming out of college. I really wanted the Phins to draft him. He's a great returner. But according to Denver, he's made out of glass. Always hurt.

We don't need him anyway. Travis Minor and Dedric Ward are kicking ass on returns. And I like Robert Baker a bunch.
Yeah Kasper doesn't fit. All he's really ever had was sprinter speed anyway. Denver thought they could take a sprinter and make him into a football player. This is a different league than when you could get away with that...
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