Kicking Woes (week 2)

Discussion in 'General NFL Forum' started by Dolph N.Fan, Sep 16, 2018.

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    Man there's a chance a few kickers get cut next week.

    And mind you these are just from the 1pm games:

    Dolphins/Jets: Each kicker missed an XP a piece

    Vikings/Packers: Vikings missed 3 FGs, Packers missed one. Game ended in a tie. Carlson probably gets cut.

    Texans/Titans: Texans missed a FG, they lost by 3...

    Browns/Saints: Browns missed 2 XPs AND 2 FGs, Saints missed one FG

    Chiefs/Steelers: Steelers missed a FG

    Eagles/Buccaneers: Eagles missed a FG, Buccaneers missed an XP.

    Colts/Redskins: Redskins missed an XP.

    yikes. Where did all these no name kickers come from?
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    Some of it is coincidental. I know for us Sanders had bad form on the PAT which resulted in him pushing the kick but I legit trust Rizzi to develop kickers.

    Of course the other issue is that this goes to college too. You aren't seeing teams invest in special teams and it costs them too

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