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Kiper on the Hotlist


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Jun 29, 2004
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Mel just said that there figures to be a lot of action at our spot this weekend....

1) Smith could go to the Dolphins.......growing sentiment to take him.

2) Vikes want Edwards........may be willing to pony up both first rounders and other additional picks!

3) Bucs want Smith, too. Could we get their 1, 2, and two third rounders?

Call Saban what they want, just as long as they call him at 12:15 this Saturday with great options!
Any of the trade down possibilities sound good. If it's Minn, I wouldn't be surprised to see us go D and take Rolle.
Cobra said:
Well its a Win-Win-Win situation for us no matter what!

I disagree, worst case scenario is we dont trade down and must wait till the third round to pick another player. We have far to many holes to fill to call it a win if we dont trade down. If we dont trade down we get 2 players on the first day, the potential is there for 4 or five players that can help right now or more. The elite in this draft is not so elite but the draft is strong throughout the first 3 rounds.

My worst case scenario is a QB in the first and a RB in the third. I'd still be happy withthat but there is more to be had by trading down, call me greedy!
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