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Kruetz Part III


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Oct 15, 2001
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Does the fact that Kruetz turned us down,make you upset or angry? I look at it 2 diffrent ways we saved ourselves alot of money.......but we let one of the best lineman slip away.

Overall, it bothers me a little bit but if we do get far this season wanny and spiel will be able to tell Kruetz "We told yo ass to sign, but you let your pride get the best of you!" :yell:
Dang, it really ticks me off. I was lookin forward to his decision as much as the Ricky trade. But this Leon news kinda takes away alittle anger. Dang i hope the Bears win two games next year, and lose the rest by deflected overtime int's. Now that would be awesome.
i think he used the phins forhis interest to get a better deal to stay where he played.if the ricky thing would have been done yesterday it may have been different who knows?atleast we got ricky and ok showed he was one of the few player money came after the team that pick him he stayed where he had been draft i like that
It pisses me off that he used us because it will leave a mark with other gree agents. Tracy McGrady did the same thing with the Bulls to get more money from the Magic and now the Bulls can't attract a single good Free Agent (Eddie Robinson is decent but he has been injured)
The Bulls can't attract Free Agents because they're currently the Bengals (i.e., biggest losers) of the NBA.
Lets keep going

Now, that we have brough ricky into the fold lets keep going...searcy is a decent start, but lets bring some more people in and let's revisit the Chris Carter notion as well.

Now that Miami has made a committment, lets keep it going.
A center.....a center......whattya mean center...I'm just hopin we can improve the offensive line. center?!?(mora rant).

Bottom line is that he is a center...No center is worth 7mil signing bonus and 6 mil a year. We can get 2 pretty good O linemen for that. We saved ourselves some future cap room.

Originally posted by phins054
Bottom line is that he is a center...No center is worth 7mil signing bonus and 6 mil a year.

The proposal was 6 years, $25 million...signing bonus included. So it averages out to roughly $4 million a year. Not $6 million.
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