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Late Round WR's suck, Late Round RB's don't suck

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I just think that with only 4 picks after #2, and if a trade gets done maybe only 5 or 6 more picks after #7 or #9, Nick Saban has a much better shot of landing a starting runningback on day 2 than of landing an impact receiver.

Darren Sproles and Maurice Clarett


Craig Bragg and Courtney Roby

Pair either of those up with any of the big 3 WR's or the big 3 RB's.

With 5 picks, the guaranteed bluechip that we select should be a WR because we can still, really, hit the RB-nail on the head with solid scouting and some brass in the crotch.

And everyone is kidding themselves if they think that Mike Williams or Braylen Edwards is not a team need.

We have a 5'10 go to. A 6'4 go to receiver, or a 6'5 go to, will make all the difference in the world and everyone knows that Caddy/Ronnie/Cedric would have far better seasons with Mike Williams or Braylen Edwards blocking and driving the safeties nuts.

So its likely to assume that one of the bluechip first round runners wouldn't fare as well as a later rounder, or Lamar Gordon, combined with a great and confusing passing attack, which is what adding Edwards or Williams will give us.

I envision Mike and Braylen having longer careers than the backs, of whom only Cadillac Williams looks really 'special' to me.
the difference between the first round backs and the 3rd round backs is the difference between LT/jamal lewis and travis minor/shawn bryson... yes you can get a serviceable back in the 3rd and maybe you MIGHT find that steal of the draft (yet the odds for that are ridiculous) but if you wanna go for the best player and the sure thing youd take that RB in the first... WR is just as much of a crapshoot as RB...
Saban wants impact. He wants...he NEEDS to put a competitive team on the field week in, week out. He can't do this through a handful of "ah, he's ok" players. Travis Minor wowing the crowd? Please. Lamar Gordon winning in the clutch?

IMO RB is a dire need as a player like Ronnie Brown can help control the offense and keep the ball in our hands. A receiver is good for 5-8 catches a game. A running back is good for 25 carries a game.

We just have too much power already at the WR position to overlook weak QB depth and a hollow running attack. Booker made good plays last year when Feeley wasn't getting killed. Same with Chambers....but really...we should have just kept Boston and not worry about drafting a WR...with the first? Please.
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