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Latest BCS

Miami Hurricanes are #2 :D

1 Nebraska
2 Miami (Fla.)
3 Oklahoma
4 Oregon
5 Florida
6 Texas
7 Tennessee
8 Washington State
9 Stanford
10 Illinois
11 Michigan
12 Maryland
13 Brigham Young
14 Colorado
15 Syracuse
And the Canes are still #2

Thank God for small miracles....Really gotta lay into Syracuse this weekend to secure the #2 spot. Sorry Orangemen!:lol:
Yup, and you need FSU to play like last year.

I don't care who wins it all.(my teams out), just let Illinois get a BCS bid.
Actually Florida beating FSU won't really matter 'cause FSU is out of the top 15 in BCS, hence Florida won't get any points for beating them.
Right, but if FSU beats Florida, then it raises your strength of schedule, and keeps OK behind you. Don't be surprised if FSU loses, to see OK slip past Miami. I know it's sh!tty, but totally possible.
Mark it down........

I honestly believe my Seminoles have a shot against the gators. I know it's in the swamp and all, but I feel that Chris Rix is beginning to grasp the speed of the college game, as well as grasping the shotgun offense. We have a talented sophmore tailback by the name of #6 Greg Jones. He's about 6'0" and 240 lbs. He also runs a 4.2 40 and his biceps are the size of my thighs. Greg is scary talented and if we are able to consistently run the ball and take time off the clock, I believe we will be right there at the end of the game. It would make my entire season to beat the gators.
Anything's possible, especially with Bobby as your coach. I just feel that Grossman is sooo impressive. Isn't he only a soph? I think he could be the best of that great line of U of Fl qb's.
Good luck. Of course the uf qb's were only great in school, not nfl.
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