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Lawrence Phillips 1st CFL game...


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Nov 30, 2001
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Quebec City
Yesterday was the 1st CFL game of Phillips with the Mpntreal Alouettes...

Seems to me like the guy is a new one.... He score 3 TD's and run for 103 yds.... in a 27 to 20 win.

I know it's CFL and not NFL but the guy was running the ball pretty well yesterday.

Good for him...:)
He's always had talent, basically dominated every place he's gone..It's his off field problems that gets him in trouble..He's a mental case..Every so often he keeps it in tack long enough to show his talent..Then he just goes back into a mental cloud, ends up getting in some trouble and makes it hard for a team to justify keeping him..It's as though the guy is afraid of success.
after his first exhibition game he said that he was the best player in the cfl...this yet again alienated him from his team mates. he also has f&%& you written on his wrist
Phillips is certainly someone I would rather forget was a Fin, but I'll stop moving posts on him to the NFL forum :rolleyes:
he also shined on the barcelona dragons i think it was, but couldn't cut the mustard with the i said before, he's the tyson of the nfl.
Yeah, he's dominated everywhere he's been.......except the NFL. He didn't do jack sh*t in the Big Show.
Talent wise, he is the best player in the CFL. He will probobly be close to MVP of the league if the oline stays halfway effective and Cavillo can maintain any type of consistancy. Of course the writers/voters would never ever vote him as the actual MVP unless his numbers are so much better than anybody elses, but in the CFL that is near IMPOSSIBLE.

Of course he is a headcase and may have worn out a short welcome in the NFL. He asked EVERY team to give him a chance and nobody took the chance. Too many bridges burned, and not enough BIG LEAGUE production to validate the risk you run with him.

I'd be very suprised if he ever made his way back into the NFL.

John Avery is also a starting RB in the CFL, starting on Grey Cup favorite Edmonton Eskimos.
i dont mean to be rude but who in the hell has said that the eskimos are the grey cup favorites!!!! all ive heard is that the bombers are the clear cut favorites after keeping the whole team and adding a few.
Check Edmonton's additions dude. Did Winnepeg even make the final last year? No, neither did Edmonton, but Winnepeg is NOT the Fav man....check the waiver wire.....
actually winnipeg lost in the grey cup final last year. and the only person they lost was bolden(falcons) they did also have the league mvp in quarterback khari jones. dude know ur facts
iceblizzard69, The CFL is a great league. These players are only one step below the NFL standard. These guys play with heart, you probably make more than over half of those guys, yet they are putting their bodies on the line for 18 regular season games a year.

Have you ever sat down and watched a couple CFL games? You will find a few different rules that really add excitement to a already great game.

P.S. Riders won today!!! self high five
sounds like iceblizzard dont know what hes talkin about either
CFL is better than NFLEurope by alot .....Just watch a CFL game and compare it to NFLEurope game....I even find Arena football better than NFL Europe ...The talent level in NFLEurope is not at CFL Level....If you ever watch a CFL game.......You know is true...
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