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"Legs Could Win The Game!"


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Sep 3, 2001
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Hey 85

Originally posted by 85inthehall
I had to plan my trip to vegas around the season -- she wanted to go this weekend -- i boycotted and we went during the last week of preseason. Law School - teall her a Jets fan says Congrats!
Will you even get to watch the game? My gf doesn't undestand that all i am asking for is 1 day a week and that each game is life or death....I am hoping i can turn her into a football fan.

My ex didn't understand (notice I said ex). She always use to make me feel guilty watching the game. I wasn't budging on my stance and she wasn't budging on hers. Like you said "I'm only asking for one day out of the week" but she wasn't a sports fan at all, so she would make remarks like calling herself a "football widow" . Too bad. You learn from your mistakes.

But my girlfriend now (the law school grad) we've been together for three years. She's not a football fan but she knew from the door how passionate I am with not only my Dolphins, but football itself. She's real cool with it. On Sundays, I hold football parties or my friends will have one, we all alternate weeks. She will either hang out and try to learn the sport, and other weeks she will do her own thing and hang out with some of the girls she graduated with. And the rest of the week is devoted to her (except for the two Monday night Dolphins game ) She's starting to come around with football a little, she even adopted a team (unfortunately she choose the Baltimore Ravens) only because she went to Johns Hopkins University before law school. I guess she wanted her own identity in the NFL . But when you compromise, the rest is icing on the cake.
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