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Lemon to Start!!!!!




Lemon to start at QB against Colts

By Alex Marvez and Harvey Fialkov
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Posted December 27 2006

[FONT=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica]Cleo Lemon will start at quarterback for the Dolphins on Sunday in the season finale against the Indianapolis Colts, a source said Tuesday night.

Lemon will replace Joey Harrington, who was benched during Monday night's loss to the New York Jets and last week's loss to Buffalo.



Looks like Joey has taken his last snap as a Miami Dolphin. (Unless Daunte gets hurt again and assuming he beats out Cleo for the number 2 spot next year.)
good. I like what i see out of Cleo, and we need to at least see where we stand with Cleo's skill level (if we can dump Harrington next year or not).

good move.
I agree. It's a great move. Lemon needs to be further evaluated.

I think Joey has proven that he is an average QB. He doesn't have what it takes to start 16 games in a row. HOWEVER, he is a good backup QB. Joey will only return next season if he accepts the salary of a backup QB. If he wants starting money, he will be somewhere other than Miami next season.
Well to me it's a win win. If we win, awesome! No way I can cheer for a loss by the dolphins, ever. Just can't do it. BUT if we lose, our draft order is in place, top 10. Top 10 last year would have been awesome. Let's see how it plays out on Sunday!
I think this proves Nick will be back next year and he doesn't want a qb controversy going into camp. CPEP is our starting qb - no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
In a perfect world Cleo would set the world on fire on Sunday, have an amazing training camp/ preseason, and lead us to the Super Bowl next year. That's just wishful thinking though. :wink:
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