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Leon Searcy Injury Update


Aug 29, 2002
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WQAM is reporting that the results of his MRI are not known yet or at least have not been made public, so the ESPN report may not be totally accurate, or their insider is better than WQAM's. I would say it is still too early to say he is done for the year until we hear it from the Dolphins. While I did not hear the beginning of Wanstedt's press conference, I believe he said that his status was not determined until they get the official results of the MRI.
Drew has Confirmed

That Leon will require surgery and be done for year, torn triceps.
This means that Cesario or Jerman will make the final roster, unless they pick up someone off of the waiver wire in the next few days
Who's going to get cut? Any ideas? I know seattle and arizona are going to try to get an O-Line guy. Arizona has about a billion dollars in cap room this year.
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