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Let Us Not Bash Fiedler...


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Dec 9, 2001
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we all know who sucks.... LAMAR SMITH

Thatsnot fair there was plenty of sucking going on tonight. From Dave Wanstedt to Matt Turk, every one in a white Jersey today should have had Hoover written on their back.
Originally posted by fiedler__9
we all know who sucks.... LAMAR SMITH

We need an Offensive line more than a RB.:rolleyes:
I think it is amazing that we are doing as well as we are. Our O line has been beat up and missing starters all year. We have no running game, and Jay has turned the ball over a few more times then any winning team should. Yet here we are, 9-4, and have a real chance at locking up the East.

We have an ok defense at this point. I don't know what secret formula is, but we have great corners, a decent front four, and pretty good linebackers.

What the hell? Why can you run on us like we are a crap D? I remember when Jimmy was here, you just flat couldn't run on this defense. Tim and Daryl plugged up the middle, and Jason, along with Zach, Kenny Mixon, and Rodgers had the speed to kill the outside sweeps.

I know that we played our safties more up on the line to help stop the run, but still, we are getting killed now! Is Daryl not being in there really the whole problem?

I get the feeling our high priced defense is getting old, and slowing down. Zach is missing tackles like I have never seen, and with the rookie Greenwood getting lost out there on occasion, our linebacker play has dropped a bunch.

I wonder if Robert Jones is playing in the NFL?
Originally posted by dolfan87
Damn he is a stinking backup? What the heck?
he played like a backup for us last year, not that Russell or Greenwood or Gaylon as better.
blame to go around

It's not all one man's fault. The O line has been banged up, but it wasn't great at the beginning of the season anyway. Fiedler may not be good enough to win the Super Bowl, unless the rest of the team can compensate. Lamar Smith sometimes looks to break tackles more than run through open holes.

On the positive side, Travis Minor has looked pretty good at times, at this point Chris Chambers has nothing to prove, and the rest of the receivers are pretty good.

We won't win it all this year, but next year after obtaining a standout quarterback, and a couple of good offensive tackles through draft, free agency, or trade, whatever it takes, Super Bowl is a good possibility.
at this point Chris Chambers has nothing to prove

All players always have something to prove, espicially rookies. He has to prove that he can continue this and get an 1,000 yard season.
and futhermore...

we do not have the money under the cap to keep this D together and go out and sign big name FA's. We betta make a hell of pick with our #1 because we have no #2; and it should certainly be an OT even if they are only 2nd round quality.
Actually, there should be some cap room come next year. JT's franchise tag really hurt against the cap this year, but we will get that back due to the contract he signed. I would assume that it was structured to take take the majority of the hit in the first year (since it was counting against the cap anyways). Besides that, most of the D is locked up for the next 5 years anyways, at least the major components.

There will be additional room added, and if they get rid of some dead weight (i.e. McDuffie and Alonzo Mayes) that will free up more room in addition. This team has alot of players on the IR that are counting against the cap.
The problem w/the cap is how we structured and restructured deals. Many contracts this season are going to balloon to unfriendly cap #s. Bowens is shcheduled to make something crazy like 8 1/2 mill. I think Zach and Sam both go over 5mill due to restructuring the last couple seasons and signing bonuses. Surtain has a # around 3mill, Jay's is about 3 1/2, Gardeners is btw 3-4. Many will probably rstructure again, but someday we will be the 49ers of 2 years ago that had half their cap space used by guys that retired or were released.
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