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Let's hope womens' intuation is accurate

this is hysterical

Paul Hackett: We chicks are getting fed up with the Jets' lame offensive coordinator. In the preseason Hackett teased us by letting Vinny whip his balls around the gridiron and there was oodles of talk about pushing the ball down the field this season. The plan certainly made sense with young, speedy receivers Laveranues Coles and Santana Moss at Vinny's disposal. But once the games counted, Hackett lost his nerve and would not put his balls out for grabs. Against the Patriots, over 60% of the Jets receptions were by running backs and it took until the end of the third quarter for a wide receiver to catch a pass. Coles was shut out for the entire game. It is no wonder we heard so many Jets fans snoring on Sunday! Old Vinny still has a potent gun but it will soon become flaccid from a lack of use if Hackett does not set it loose. Time to smarten up, Paul!
:lol: hope he is not listening
It amazes me that everyone can see it but the jets staff - tough rooting for me boys sometimes
from cnnsi - you suck award
Hey, Mr. Paul Hackett? Can I speak bluntly? What in the hell are you thinking? First of all, you have one of the top running backs in the game and you rush him eight times for 11 yards in the last TWO games COMBINED? Then you stress you're going to open up the offense. After all, you do have two guys who can stretch the field (Laveranues Coles and Santana Moss) and a guy who is a clutch possession reciever (Wayne Chrebet). Yet for some reason you can't muster up a game plan to utilize this bunch? I give it two more weeks! Why two? Well your Jets are going to get destroyed against the Dolphins this week, so we won't count this week against you. Let's see if you can make this work or else you may be the reason Herman Edwards is looking for a job. You should feel guilty. There is no reason this team should be this bad and it falls squarely on your shoulders.
Damn, thats a pretty extreme indictment for CNNSI. But its all true. Paul Hackett was one of the worst OCs in the league last year but for some INEXPLICABLE reason, they kept him. I remember laughing my @SS off when they kept him. All Jets fans hated him last season. He's their Kippy Brown. They all thought he was going to get fired so they didn't hide their contempt of Hackett. Then the Jets inexplicably kept him and the more homeristic Jet fans changed their tune and isolated the Faiders playoff game as an instance where perhaps the players started to "get" Hackett's system and in all its glory they can control the game and put up lots of points. Yeah right. The truth of the matter is that Les Steckel and Paul Hackett were the worst OCs in the game last year, and this year the worst OCs in the game still include Paul Hackett...but interestingly enough Mike Martz might be on the short list with Hackett because of his brazen ****iness with the passing game and his inability to modify his offense when its obvious that the other team has figured out an effective means of beating up your players.
Lets hope the other "women" so called experts at ESPN are accurate as well. Look their picks are just out and I like em.
Mike Golic picked the Jets. Thats too bad I was hopin for a concensus Dolphins pick.

Here's good news. The last time the Dolphins ended an 8 game losing streak against the Jets, they went on to the Super Bowl.
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I am a woman and I pick the Dolphins to win! :D
You have to pick the Dolphins 13, you're a cheerleader.:biggrin:
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