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"Let's Make A Deal" Is Just Getting Started

Irie Dolfan

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Mar 17, 2005
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Newport Beach, CA
Finally! The Surtain deal is done. NO, I did not want to see him go. But we need the picks that Wanny gave away. Now comes the next moves. Just what they will be, will soon be found out. But mark my words, we will be getting more picks. If the over-all #2 is not traded, the player we take at that spot will be "Available" for the best offer. What will be interesting is if we are able to take Smith at #2. If that ends up the case, We better get alot in return if we trade him for picks. (Personally, I'd like to keep him, but if the price is right...) And the same goes for Edwards. What will be crappy is if we end up taking a RB so we can trade him for picks. With so many RB's in the draft, it will be highly unlikely we will get much for him in compensation (should another team want him).
I'm calling this: If we end up with a RB at #2, we are intending on keeping him. The best trade bait will be Edwards & Smith.

"Let's Make A Deal" is about to begin.

in da OC
I Agree This Is Going To Be The Start Of Dealing That Is Going To Rebuild Are Team.lets Go Saban Make Some More Deals
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