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Linebacker...... The big question mark (merged)


Aug 29, 2002
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Linebacker...... The big question mark.

OK guys, lets get some speculation going and some names tossed around as to who they are getting ready to trade for and/or sign at LB. We were woefully thin BEFORE Galyon was waived and now the roster looks like we are planning on playing a 4-2-7 defense full time. I was sure Twan Russell was going to be cut, because I think as a LB he is less than average and a major liability, if he had to be called upon to start for any length of time. This then leaves us with Tommy Hendricks, who has improved a lot since joining the team but is another converted safety that has developed into a capable reserve for Zach. With all the talk about the OL depth or lack there of, LB is a joke all of the sudden and I can not beleive more people are not talking about it yet, maybe we are in shock. I am sure at least one, maybe two, moves are coming here.... but talk about down to the 11th hour to get something set! I can not remember the roster ever having just 5 LB's on it 5 days before the start of the regular season and I am sorry, I can not count Russell as one of them because he is so one dimensional, so in my mind they really only have 4 LB's who could suit up and play LB today.

So what is up?? One good name is Terry Killens. He is a versatile 8 yr veteran who is very good on special teams. He may be one option and would be a healthier alternative to the released Galyon. But who else is out there? We have needed and will continue to need outside backers even if they did sign a Terry Killens. What are they going to do? Killens seems like a real possibility and they must have something already in the works to have released Galyon, but man are we cutting it close and we need a lot more depth here. Who else do we like that was waived ??
Hello All. First time Poster long time post reader.

I agree our LB depth is scary. But the raiders just cut two viable back-ups in G. Dixon and Mike Jones. These two would both be upgrades over Twan Russell in our D.
I'll play outside linebacker. Sign me up for rookie minimum, just pay for my flight down to Miami.
Originally posted by chambers84
I'll play outside linebacker. Sign me up for rookie minimum, just pay for my flight down to Miami.

Heck, Ill pay my own flight down there SIGN ME!
I'd love to see some replies to this. I agree LB is really thin. I personally have no idea who all has been released. We need someone though.(or a few someones)
Anybody got an answer to this LB question?

Does anybody have any names of who has been released as far as LB's go? We have to sign someone. Our linebacker corp is so thin.
Great, an answer. I'm glad to here age has made LT work for a cheaper price.
Cleveland used to be stocked up with quality LBers.....maybe we can work a trade there.....that WAS before they lost Miller for the season so I'm not so sure anymore, but it's the only thing I can think of besides signing scrubs off the street(no offense to chambers84 and WCF....LOL)
We need to sign LB, OT, and DT to the practice squad. We're thin at all 3. Simonette isn't going to do it.
the only name I have heard was Mike Jones if he has anything left
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